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Vasilenko S.A. – The influence of the crisis in Ukraine on Russian-Australian relations


Vasilenko Sergey Andreevich, 5th year student of the Faculty of Oriental Studies and History, Pedagogical Institute of the Pacific National University (Khabarovsk) Abstract: The crisis in Ukraine has changed not only Russia’s relations with European countries, but also with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia. The sanctions imposed by Australia against Russia and […]

V. Timoshenko – Shanghai Cooperation Organization: East Versus West?


The interest of the world community in the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was growing from year to year. But it was two or three years ago. Now situation is change. After the new escalations of tensions between Russia and The West because of Ukraine crisis the mass media of the west began […]

The Arming Asia: Military and Technical Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region

Andrey Gubin, PhD in Political Science, Director of Scientific Programs of the RISS Asia-Pacific Centre, Assistant Professor at the International Relations Department of Far Eastern Federal University, Expert of RIAC At the present time the Asia-Pacific region is not the global periphery, but rather a place for potential confrontation between both the great and the […]

The Northern Territories Impasse, Russia and Japanese Dependence on the U.S.


By Tanaka Sakai Introduction by Kimie HARA In August 2006, Japan-Russia relations were strained when a Russian patrol fired warning shots at a Japanese fishing boat, killing a member of the crew. The boat was near disputed islands—what the Japanese call the Northern Territories and the Russians call the Southern Kuriles. The incident occurred in […]

Samohin A.V. – Summit ‘SCO – BRIX 2015’ – another ‘G8’?

Andrei Samokhin

Held in July double BRICS Summit and SCO in Ufa became the clear signal that Moscow is doing its own turn toward Asia and wants to provide the non-Western world as alternative civilizational model as opposed to the West. The foreign media promoted by Western media organizations right before the summit was full of anti-Russian […]

West trap of Grandmaster Putin


DMITRY KALINICHENKO Western accusations against Putin traditionally lie in the fact that he served in the KGB. And so, it was an austere man, immoral, and so on. Putin blamed for everything. However, no one has ever accused Putin, a lack of intelligence. Any charges against this man, only emphasize its ability to fast analytical […]

Dana Rohrabacher – Why I Voted against Condemning Russia


Recently, the House passed, by an overwhelming margin, a resolution to condemn the Russian Federation. Ten Members voted “nay,” myself among them. I wish to explain why I took this unpopular position. Recently, the House passed, by an overwhelming margin, a resolution to condemn the Russian Federation for actions considered hostile and aggressive within its […]

Raymond Smith – From Da to Nyet: How U.S. Diplomacy Helped Transform Russia from Potential Ally into Strategic Adversary


A great diplomatic mistake with repercussions now being felt today. The intense diplomatic activity that accompanies the end of a major international war has two broad objectives: first, for the winners, maximizing their gains and, for the losers, minimizing their losses; second, creating a new and more stable international system so that a renewal of […]

Dimitri K. Simes – Dealing with Putin


The stage is being set for an even more dramatic confrontation between the West and Russia over Ukraine. Obama must recognize the danger to U.S. national interests that the crisis may create and act accordingly. With Russia and Ukraine trading blame for the apparent breakdown in their tenuous September 5 cease-fire agreement, the stage is being […]

A. Samokhin – Fighting in the triangle Russia – Vietnam – China: who benefits?


In August, we posted one very interesting article on our website headlined ‘It is necessary to pay more attention to Russia’s return to the Asia-Pacific region. Lee Paen, the author of the article is a functionary in the political department of the Hainan’s branch of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberational Army in the […]