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The New Silk Roads and the Rise of the ‘Chinese Dream’


by Pepe Escobar Beijing is advancing a Chinese-led globalization that will challenge U.S. hegemony both regionally and globally. Earlier last week, the first Chinese commercial train, with 32 containers, arrived in Tehran after a less than 14-day journey from the massive warehouse of Yiwu in Zhejiang, eastern China, crossing Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. This is a […]

V. Timoshenko – Shanghai Cooperation Organization: East Versus West?


The interest of the world community in the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was growing from year to year. But it was two or three years ago. Now situation is change. After the new escalations of tensions between Russia and The West because of Ukraine crisis the mass media of the west began […]

Is the US Afraid of Russia?


Prokhor Tebin PhD in Political Science, RIAC expert The Russian military operation in Syria has caused a very painful response in the U.S. military. However, the reasons and implications of this response are not as obvious as it might seem at first sight. “They wish to attack us!” Ahead of the operation of the Russian […]

China’s Air Force: from Shield to Sword


Alexander Yermakov RIAC expert The Chinese air force is relatively young, but one of the biggest and strongest in the world. It has been developing extremely rapidly over the last two decades and is now approaching a decisive point which will be vitally important for China’s future potential to project its power far beyond its […]

Too Old to Die Young (The 12th National Congress of Vietnam Communist Party)


Carlyle A. Thayer Emeritus Professor, The University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra The Vietnam Communist Party (VCP) held its 12th National Congress in Hanoi from 20-28 January. The foreign news media devoted the lion’s share of attention on the contestation for the post of VCP Secretary General between incumbent […]

The Korean Peninsula: Is There a Nuclear War Coming?


Georgy Toloraya Doctor of Economics, Professor of Oriental Studies, Director of the Korean Studies Program of the RAS Institute of Economics In early January 2016, front pages around the world carried numerous stories on Pyongyang’s hydrogen bomb test. The flurry of comments that followed the DPRK’s announcement of conducting “a hydrogen bomb test” highlighted several […]

Apocalypse Fifth Chinese Horse. China’s Strategic Nuclear Forces


Andrey Gubin PhD in Political Science, Director of Scientific Programs of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies at Regional Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies, Assistant Professor at the International Relations Department of Far Eastern Federal University, RIAC Expert China is rightly considered a new center of power in the modern multi-polar world. However, the growth of […]

The Putin complex


Nihal Singh Russia is going through lean times, but has intervened in the Syrian civil war to earn a major role in determining its outcome. Thus, the Western campaign to paint Mr Putin in the lurid colours of corruption. The manner in which Western leaders are piling up dirt against Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is […]

China’s Bumpy New Normal


Joseph E. Stiglitz SHANGHAI – China’s shift from export-driven growth to a model based on domestic services and household consumption has been much bumpier than some anticipated, with stock-market gyrations and exchange-rate volatility inciting fears about the country’s economic stability. Yet by historical standards, China’s economy is still performing well – at near 7% annual […]



By John Helmer, Moscow The Victorian state coroner Iain West (lead image) has concluded a 60-minute inquest into the deaths of Australians on board Malaysian Airlines MH17 by issuing a statement of findings contradicting the coroner’s own statements, as well as the evidence of reports from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and courtroom testimony from […]