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Vasilenko S.A. – The influence of the crisis in Ukraine on Russian-Australian relations


Vasilenko Sergey Andreevich, 5th year student of the Faculty of Oriental Studies and History, Pedagogical Institute of the Pacific National University (Khabarovsk) Abstract: The crisis in Ukraine has changed not only Russia’s relations with European countries, but also with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia. The sanctions imposed by Australia against Russia and […]

Australia and China: Do Bitlateral Relations Get Even More Complicated?


Australia and China have a long history of mutually beneficial cooperation. Over the past five years, bilateral trade volume has grown by about fifty percent, and that was before signing the Free Trade Agreement between the countries, which took place in June 2015. Both countries make their respective mutual investments, Australian companies are widely represented […]

The story of the Abbott government


by Peter Hartcher November 29 to December 3. Sense of mission: Abbott took to national security with table-thumping zeal, much to the chagrin of agency heads and ministers. Malcolm Turnbull was nothing if not forthright in telling Tony Abbott his shortcomings. On one occasion, Turnbull found himself in an Adelaide pub drinking beer with a […]

Australia To Build New Naval Fleet in $65B Package


SYDNEY — Australia has announced an AUS $89 billion (US $65 billion) shipbuilding package to construct new frigates and patrol boats locally, with a decision on an international supplier for replacement submarines to be made “in coming months.” The “continuous shipbuilding” proposal, which involves the replacement of frigates, patrol boats and submarines over two decades, […]

Russia sends warships towards Australia before G20 meeting


Russia has sent a fleet of warships towards Australia in an apparent display of muscle-flexing ahead of the G20 meeting amid tensions between the two countries over the MH17 crash. Defence announced late on Wednesday it is “monitoring Russian naval vessels that are currently transiting through international waters to the north of Australia”. It stressed: “The movement […]

G20: feelings about MH17 and Ukraine will have to be put aside for any productive discussion to happen

Europe Africa The Week in Pictures

If Ukraine is to be a cohesive, peaceful, prosperous country, the pro-Europeans and the pro-Russians will need to cooperate together and learn the art of compromise Russian President Vladimir Putin.Photograph: Darko Vojinovic/AP If the G20 is to operate as an effective organisation, its membership must learn to behave with civility to each other. How Australia’s […]

The Coalition’s national security laws herald a new era in the Australian security state


Australia’s draconian new national security laws fundamentally threaten our open society. Coalition backbenchers must listen to the community where the attorney general will not The Australian government paraded its new national security laws through the Senate last week, enthusiastically heralding a new era for the security state. They did so with help from the Labor […]

Abbott v Putin: Will the G20 turn into a naked wrestling match?


Someone should tell Tony Abbott that gaffes aren’t like baby turtles; you don’t increase their chances of slipping by watchful predators by producing more of them. It certainly seems like he’s trying to increase his output. Not even a whole day has passed since his reality-shunning collection of mouth sounds “Coal is good for humanity” […]

Russian Economic Reform

Some Russian economic policy makers and commentators seem to want to look to the Chinese economy for ideas and guidance about how to “modernize” the Russian economy. Too much concentration on China is a mistake when considering Russian economic reform. The Chinese economy is structurally quite different to the Russian economy because its small agriculture holdings […]

Australia urges Russia to support removal of Assad

By Hoang Dinh Nam Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr on Sunday called on Russia to support the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from office, following the latest massacre which rebels blame on regime troops. “President Assad must go, and the way of getting rid of him is for Russia to exert its influence in […]