Ukrainian manifesto

Andrey Avramenko
March 9, 2014
letter from Kharkov, Ukraine

Almost for 23 years, our country is independent and free. We are not slaves, we are not mobs or middlebrow, we almost Europeans. Isn’t it the best thing that could happen to us. We got rid of all fetters, which only you can throw. We got rid of bloody history , freed from bloodiest tyrants and of everything that connected us with ‘ them ‘. For a long time, almost a quarter of a century, spirit of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity hover along the country. Shouldn’t we be constantly proud of it? Isn’t it what we have been looking for all of these years? This exactly that we hear every minute from TV and the Internet? We are ready to give our lives for that freedom! This is our major achievement! The principal value! Above does not happen. And nothing could be more important in this world than our independence. Hands off Ukraine! And so on and so forth …

We are freed and independent but of what? As country, as people? For a minute … just think. … Who is the power? People? Or oligarchs? Who was getting rich for all these years? People or those, who shout loud about our unity and our freedom? Whose channels and sites told us about it every minute?

Why every chosen president, gave a lot of promises … and why finely we got nothing. Nothing except the “freedom” and “independence” for which we are ready to die in the fight against evil and insidious neighbor?

Each of us owes more than $ 3,000 dollars. Everyone, including newborn children! Worldwide debt is over $ 140 billion. Where is money? They are gone. But debts are real. You and I and our families must pay these debts. Here it is our independence! Can a debtor be independent, as we were told? Is it our principal value? To pay debts? And, by the way, this value is increasing with every passing year.Don’t you see that our principle value “Independence” served only to authorities, politicians and oligarchs, for all of these years?

Under the guise of elections, we were forced to choose the next noisy politicians who promised us prosperity again and again. And again and again it did not happen. Rather prosperity happened in power, politicians and oligarchs. And do you think we’ll have better luck now? So maybe for the oligarchs the main value is independence? Independence from the people. Freedom to rob, steal, lie and freedom to pit us against each other.
Everything around us were built by our parents and belong them. Authorities, politicians and oligarchs could, mesmerizing us with the words of freedom, democracy and independence usurp all our property! They gain credits, build castles, bye villas and yachts. They have accounts in foreign banks, and their offspring studying in the most prestigious and expensive universities in the West. And we pay for that! And if somebody doubt in the value of such independence, he is a traitor, he serve Moscow and Putin personally. Isn’t it so?
Perhaps over the years we have become independent and free from our history, our language, our roots and ancestors?
We were forced to abandon our feats of great deeds and achievements of our people, our great nation.
Somehow, our heroes now are those whom our grandfathers trod in the Great War. How did it happen that we tear down our own monuments, monuments to our ancestors, fathers and grandfathers? This is our memory! Is to destroy it so necessary?
We like a madman climb to the barricades again and again. We cry that this time we will begin to live just like in a fairy tale. All time it happens with us like this is the vicious circle. What a wraith?
We just got rid of a corrupt government in the umpteenth time. And again the specter of hope, like a mirage, whispering from all media, that this time we will certainly prosper and all around us drop dead with envy.
We have lost over these years more than 6 million (!) our citizens. It is impossible number. In peaceful time. It is close that we lost during the most terrible war in human history. And we lost them in the world of independence and democracy.
What we have achieved during 23 years of this intoxicating freedom? What we shell be proud of? That our women care about old people in the West or work in brothels? That our men compete with Polish for the right to collect strawberries in Portugal or with Moldovans to lay bricks in Russia? That we have no a normal army which can protect us, and now there is no police? That our children are ready to fight with our own sons and fathers of “Berkut” (special police fighting with demonstrators in Maidan)? We remain proud that we Ukrainians? And this is our only reason for pride?
Why are we trying to whitewash the traitors, and make them heroes? Where are our real heroes, which the whole world knows? Where is our Shakespeare, Einstein, Gagarin? At least someone who can give us a glimpse of hope and faith?
Take a pause and sit in silence. Try to think about where is everything that we had? Why we abandoned our victories? Why we scratched ourselves with sores of Great Hunger and sit growl? How it is possible to create and build something under this ideology?
Hold on! We launched the first satellite! We defeated Napoleon, Hitler, Turks and Swedes and a lot of other nations and tribes who came to our land!
This we have created the most great and vast country in the history of mankind! This we created nuclear power plants and bombs! This is us yesterday feared and respected the whole world! Where is it now? Where? Why we refused to be a great nation, and took upon ourselves the fate of the offended? Who stole from us our history and our victory? Russia? Muscovites?
We have done it by ourselves, we have abandoned our memory, our ancestors and feats. We believed in false idols and new heroes which small and insignificant in comparison with what we had yesterday. Is it possible to compare Gagarin and Bandera?
The ideological  guys in masks and sticks walks in Kiev. One part of people burning alive another one and shoots at each other. As we let it. We again believe a new revolution, new promises.
Why do we become miserable, constantly shouting that we are independent and free. We stole the past, now steal the remains of the future. We teach our children, under false history textbooks. How could this happen to us? What happened?
I envy Russians, I envy “Muscovites”. I envy their Olympics and their army. I have many friends and relatives in Russia. And I can see how they change and grow. They believe their President. They believe in their army. They are proud of its great history, achievements and victories.
And it was our common history … and victories and achievements. Yesterday. They reconciled with themselves. They spit on the West. And they go on and develop, don’t care what our televisions and in our forums tell about them. And I understand that we are losing all of this, not they. We become weaker and they are stronger. And how could we not loudly shout “Glory to Ukraine!” it will not be stopped.
Recently, we speak maliciously when they had Chechnya. Now Chechens are no less Russians than Russians themselves. They are ready to fight for their revival Country which they belong. And now we are frightened by Chechen battalions. Why did this happen??? They just killed each other yesterday. The answer is simple. Chechens were able to remember that they are Russians, and they are part of the Great Country and Great People.
We gloating they have terrorist attacks in Russia. And they overcome this again and become stronger! Although the whole world is against them! They fall and rise again. Stand and smiling. Just spit blood through gritted teeth. And we shout that they are slaves? We shout that their country will be destroyed soon, that oil prizes falls, that NATO attack and they crumble will be punished. In fact, they are – only what we are! We spit at our own reflection. We spit at ourselves.
We need to remember that we are a single entity. And when we begin to understand and realize it the feeling our ancestors will come. The sense of inner strength, hope, faith and pride in the fact that we are also Russian.
And no matter who our ancestors, Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, Buryatians or Uzbeks. No matter who we are by faith, Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims or Jews. It’s not important. The key is that we – Russian! And we are part of a Great Nation and a Great Country.
Yes, there are still problems in our Great Country and a Great Nation. But if we remember that we are Russian we change everything forever! And the West is afraid of this. They are afraid that we remember who are we and will be together again. And so from all sides, they woven web of lies and support all anger and hatred in Ukraine and in Russia. They try not to give us to wake up. And if we remember who we are, we never wake up.

Some words about the situation, occupation, and so on.
Who shouts that we need to protect “our” independence, unity and freedom? Officials, oligarchs and members of the parliament. They are terribly afraid that they will have to answer for all what has happened with our homeland over the years.
And maybe it’s not the occupation? Maybe it is liberation? Maybe “our” has come, when we has almost no hope at all, when we have almost surrender. And we need to stand together and destroy all these lying politicians, the oligarchs, mayors and officials who are foaming at the mouth screaming that we were going to die! Die for their villas, yachts and castles for their bank accounts, for their freedom and independence from robbing answer for their actions.
I understand that this manifesto will be cut out from the Internet. There are thousands of nasty comments will scream that I am a traitor, sold myself to Putin that I am Russian and Moskal. I do not care. I know that the Truth stands for me.
I am a patriot of Ukraine, a true patriot and now the fate of my people and my Ukraine is solving.

Either we remember who we are, or we will just disappear.

I love my Ukrainian people, my ancestors and my culture.
I am Ukrainian, but moreover – I am Russian!


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