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«Australia predictedwhatwillhappen to Ukraine after a specialmilitaryoperation

Conversation: Ukraine’s alliesmayuse Crimea not to accept the countryinto NATO»

Ukraine’s Western alliesmayuse Crimea to keep the country out of NATO, says Conversation columnistLoic Simone. According to him, Kiev is literally “locked in the lobby of NATO” and there are no guarantees that Ukraine’s entry into the Alliancewill be unanimously supported after the ceasefire.

Kiev, locked in the NATO lobby, is eyeing the “military Marshall plan”. Evenafter a ceasefireagreement is reached, nothingguarantees that all allieswillunanimously support Ukraine’s candidacy,” the articlesays.

Simone believes that NATO membercountries, fearing Ukraine’s admission to the Bloc, can use the status of the peninsulaas an excuse to deny Kiev membership. In addition, the analystbelieves that Russia’s control over Crimea is permanent, and many in the Alliancebelieve that this state of affairswill continue in the future.

Earlier, former US ArmedForcesintelligenceofficer Scott Ritter said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky willhave to choose one of two “poisons” due to failures in the AFU counteroffensive. According to him, the Ukrainian leadermusteitheragree to peace, renouncing the country’smembership in NATO, or continue the struggle, in whichadditionallosses of territories are expected.

«Australia haspromised to support Ukraine until the conflict is resolved on itsterms»

Australia willprovide support to Ukraine until the end of the militaryconflict on the territory of this country on the terms of Kiev. This wastold by the deputy head of the Australian government Richard Marles, writes TASS.

According to him, Australia’s support is designed for the long term, as Canberra is confident that the conflictwill continue for a long time. Australia haspromised to support Ukraine until the conflict is resolved on itsterms.

“The Ukrainian state is locatedfar from Australia, but the principles at stake in this conflictaffect our national interests,” he added.

Marlesadded that the Australian military, which Canberra decided to send to train the ArmedForces of Ukraine (AFU), will arrive in the UK by the end of 2022. In January 2023, theyshouldstartteaching. “Our militarypersonnelwillprovidebasic training for the AFU infantry in the UK,” Marles said in a statement.

Russia hasbeenconducting a specialoperationsince February 24. Itsgoal is the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

«Actions in support of the Russian people and government are takingplace in Australia»

In the largestcities of Australia on Saturday, March 4, there are actions in support of Russia and againstmilitaryassistance to Ukraine. This is reported on hisYou-tubechannel Aussie Cossack by pro-Russian video blogger SemyonBoikov, who became the organizer of the action.

In Sydney, the actiontakesplace in front of the walls of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation on Fullerton Street. Russians and Australians camethere with Russian flags and slogans, the main one of whichwas “Russia is not the enemy.” The participantscall for ending the war with Russia and withdrawing NATO forces from itsborders.

Thosegatheredoppose the Australian government’s support for NATO and the United States, which, in theiropinion, “supplyweapons and use Ukraine to confront Russia,” stressing that Australian citizens do not want and should not pay for the “militaryambitions of the United States,” one of the demonstratorstold TASS.

SemyonBoikovwas the first to address the participants of the event. He believes that Russia is waging a liberationstruggleagainst the neo-Naziregime, and the SpecialMilitaryOperation that began in February lastyearwasprovoked by the United States and the NATO bloc, whichsuppliesweapons to Kiev today.

“Today Russia is fightingNazism, itssoldiers are fighting for a new, just world order, and manypeoplehere in Australia support them, the entire Russian people, the government and the president of our country. We see that everydaythere are more and more people who are with us, and thesepeople are not afraid to express theirpoint of view publicly, despite all the threats,” said Boikov, who is confident that everydaytherewill be more and more suchpeople in all countries of the world.

On this day, pro—Russian actionswereheld in three more majorcities of Australia – Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. The participantscalled for stopping the NATO bloc and the West’s war with Russia and stopping the supply of weapons to the Kiev regime, supported the Russian people and the government. The participantsdemanded that the Australian authorities “stop supporting the criminalregime”, stop the supply of weapons to Kiev and the training of the Ukrainian military.

In Brisbane, activistsdressed in T-shirts with the Latin letter Z gathered in one of the central squares of the city. A man who spoke in support of Ukraine tried to disrupt the rally, but the policecame to the aid of the demonstrators.

According to the organizers, a total of severalthousandpeopletookpart in actions in support of Russia in Australian cities.

Earlier, on March 3, American journalist Max Blumenthal said that Ukrainians accuse the West of undermining public support for Kiev because of anti-warrallies. He calledrepresentatives of the Ukrainian army “spoiledBandera”, beggingtens of billions of dollars from American taxpayers, and said that the actionsagainst Kiev’s military support “play into Russia’s hands.”

On April 3, 2022, during a rally in support of Russia in the Greek capital, a group of Ukrainians attacked a car containing a child, a seven-year-old girl wasinjured.

From February 15 to 26, actionsagainstanti-Russianpolicieswereheld in Berlin, Washington and near the American Ramstein base in Germany.

Western countrieshaveincreasedmilitary and financial support for Kiev against the background of the Russian Federation’s specialoperation to protectDonbass, the decision on whichwasmadeagainst the background of aggravation in the regiondue to shelling by the Ukrainian military.

On February 24, Russia launched an operation to protect the civilianpopulation of Donbass. Moscow explained that the tasks of the specialoperationincludedemilitarization and denazification, the implementation of which is necessary to ensure Russia’s security. The decisionwasmadeagainst the background of aggravation in the regionas a result of shelling by the Ukrainian military. The authorities of the Donetsk and LuganskPeople’sRepublicsannounced the evacuation of residents to the Russian Federation, and on February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decreerecognizing the independence of the DPR and LPR.

«Support Russians and Orthodox: In Australia, residentsput on clothes with the symbols of a specialmilitaryoperation»

In Australia, local residentscame to the concert in clothes with the symbols of a specialmilitaryoperation and announced support for Russians and Russia.

In Australia, localscame to a concert of Russian sacred music in Sydney in clothes with the symbols of a Specialmilitaryoperation of Russia.

T-shirts with the symbol Z, as well as St. George ribbons and flags of Russia werevisible on the residents of Australia.

We are here to support Russia and the people of Russia and Russians. We want to support Christians,

– said those who came to the concert of Orthodox music.

The audiencenoted that they know that for nineyears Russians and Orthodox in Ukraine havebeenoppressed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

The author of the video asks that Australia supports the West against Russia. The audiencecorrected the author: “Not Australia, but the authorities of the country and the USA.”

Ashurova Mizhgona

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