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Ashurova Mizhgona – Mass media of Australia over the pastsixmonths on the subject of attitude to Russia and a special military operation in Ukraine.

«Australia predictedwhatwillhappen to Ukraine after a specialmilitaryoperation Conversation: Ukraine’s alliesmayuse Crimea not to accept the countryinto NATO» Ukraine’s Western alliesmayuse Crimea to keep the country out of NATO, says Conversation columnistLoic Simone. According to him, Kiev is literally “locked in the lobby of NATO” and there are no guarantees that Ukraine’s entry into the Alliancewill […]

Galtsova Alina – Press Review

Australia, as one of the most promising and developed countries of the Asia-Pacific region, occupied not the last place in political relations with Russia. Alexander Korolev in the article “Australia’s Approach to Cooperation with Russia” had written that the Russian Far East is in many ways similar to Australia in terms of geopolitics, geo-economics, and […]

Australian teachers protest against low wages, poor working conditions and staff shortages

THE FEDERATION OF TEACHERS OF NEW SOUTH WALES DEMANDS A SALARY INCREASE OF 5-7,5% Thousands of teachers from NSW public and Catholic schools have taken to the streets of Sydney as part of a joint strike to call on the government to raise pay and improve working conditions. This is the third teachers’ strike in […]

James O’Neill – Australia Faces New Challenges in its Relationship With China

The relationship between Australia and China has deteriorated markedly over recent months. Each side is blaming the other for the deterioration, and amid the flurry of frankly anti-China propaganda emerging from most of the major Australian news outlets it is difficult to establish what went wrong and who precisely is to blame. It is possible […]

James O’Neill. China’s Reaction to Australian Thoughtlessness Makes an Overdue Point

For all of this century, China has been Australia’s most important trading partner. By 2019 it took more than one third of all Australian exports. This percentage had grown steadily each year. It was not alone in representing the importance of the Chinese market to the Australian economy. In 2019 China also became the largest […]

Morrison government allowing rich foreigners in ahead of 28,000 stranded Australians

Labor has criticised a government decision allowing potentially hundreds of “privileged” foreign citizens paying for business investment visas to enter Australia, arguing they are taking hotel quarantine places away from 28,000 Australians stranded overseas. The comments from Penny Wong, the opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman, follow the Morrison government’s decision to allow holders of business innovation and […]

Isabella Kwai – Australia’s First Recession in Decades Signals Tougher Times to Come

SYDNEY, Australia — Australia’s economic engine has run without a major hitch for nearly three decades. Propped up by rich natural resources, fast-growing trade with Asia, a talented work force and vibrant immigration rates, the country even avoided stumbling during the 2008 global financial crisis. But the nation sometimes known as “The Lucky Country” could […]

UK flags possibility of freedom of movement deal with Australia

Australians living and working in the UK visa-free is on the table as Britain pushes for new trade deals with Australia after Brexit. The UK wants to strike up a new deal with Australia that would allow people to live and work in both countries without a visa. British Trade Secretary Liz Truss, who is […]

Elizabeth Buchanan. What Russia wants in a multipolar world?

Last week, Russia’s Ambassador to Australia, Alexei Pavlovsky, delivered a keynote address at the Australian National University on Russia’s strategic architect and former foreign minister, the late Yevgeny Primakov. Reflecting on the speech, it is evident that policy makers, pundits, and the general public alike have much to gain by better understanding Primakov’s work on […]

Australian government seen globally as climate ‘denialist’, UN summit observers say

Experts at the meeting say Australia is seen as ‘engaging in greenwashing’ and using accounting tricks to meet targets. Scott Morrison is increasingly seen as running a “denialist government” that is not serious about finding a global climate solution and uses “greenwash” to meet its emissions commitments, analysts and former diplomats say. Australian observers in […]