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James O’Neill – Australia Faces New Challenges in its Relationship With China

The relationship between Australia and China has deteriorated markedly over recent months. Each side is blaming the other for the deterioration, and amid the flurry of frankly anti-China propaganda emerging from most of the major Australian news outlets it is difficult to establish what went wrong and who precisely is to blame. It is possible […]

James O’Neill. China’s Reaction to Australian Thoughtlessness Makes an Overdue Point

For all of this century, China has been Australia’s most important trading partner. By 2019 it took more than one third of all Australian exports. This percentage had grown steadily each year. It was not alone in representing the importance of the Chinese market to the Australian economy. In 2019 China also became the largest […]

Jennifer Duke. Foreign cyber security rules putting dampener on Aussie fintechs: DFAT.

Asia-Pacific countries are introducing restrictive cyber security rules that threaten Australia’s technology exports, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has warned, suggesting trade terms could be used to bolster the fledgling fintech industry. In a submission to a Senate inquiry into the fintech and regulatory technology sectors, DFAT said global governments were working to […]

Clyde Russell – The Russians are coming for Australia’s coal markets

Life is set to get even more difficult for major coal exporters with Russia planning to increase shipments of the fuel and the cost advantages appearing increasingly stacked in its favour. Russia is already the third-largest supplier to the seaborne market, behind Indonesia and Australia, and is moving to take advantage of its central geographic […]

Vasilenko S.A. – The influence of the crisis in Ukraine on Russian-Australian relations

Vasilenko Sergey Andreevich, 5th year student of the Faculty of Oriental Studies and History, Pedagogical Institute of the Pacific National University (Khabarovsk) Abstract: The crisis in Ukraine has changed not only Russia’s relations with European countries, but also with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia. The sanctions imposed by Australia against Russia and […]

Missiles for milk: how Russia offered NZ military hardware to settle dairy bill

Former PM Jim Bolger ‘absolutely stunned’ to be offered a nuclear sub and two MiGs in lieu of money, new book reveals. Russia made the unusual offer of two MiG fighters in 1993, when it was struggling to pay its debts after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Photograph: AAP/MiG Jet Adventures. How do you […]

Russian bravery award for Tauranga man

By Stuart Whitaker of the Bay News Bill Chapman with the Ushakov medal he has been awarded by the Russian government for bravery and valour during the Arctic Convoys of World War II. Photo / APN They were described by Winston Churchill as the worst journeys in the world. The Arctic Convoys supplying Russia during […]

Australia-Russia Relations: A Developing Partnership

Speech at New Economic School Moscow (check against delivery) Thank you, Dr Sergei Guriev, for your welcome. I am delighted to be at the New Economic School on my first visit to Russia as Foreign Minister. The school has served Russia’s private and government sectors since its formation in 1992 and has a reputation as […]

Valery Timoshenko – Australian Policy Towards Asia-Pacific Region at the Turn of the XX-XXI Centuries

In the beginning of 2004, the Australian government announced plans for an unprecedented expansion of military forces in the country that will turn the“green continent” to one of the leading military powers in order to “become a key ally of Washington in conflicts all around the world” [1]. Such controversial decision was the result of […]

Valery Timoshenko – Oceania: the Forgotten Problems of the “Unnecessary” Region. Part 1

Oceania – the edge of an infinite number of islands in the South Pacific has long been considered kind of “paradise” on earth, a place where there is peace and tranquility. For a long time Oceania was under the watchful eye of Western countries, primarily the United States, Britain, France and Australia. After the Second […]