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Valery Timoshenko – Australian Policy Towards Asia-Pacific Region at the Turn of the XX-XXI Centuries

In the beginning of 2004, the Australian government announced plans for an unprecedented expansion of military forces in the country that will turn the“green continent” to one of the leading military powers in order to “become a key ally of Washington in conflicts all around the world” [1]. Such controversial decision was the result of […]

Valery Timoshenko – Oceania: the Forgotten Problems of the “Unnecessary” Region. Part 1

Oceania – the edge of an infinite number of islands in the South Pacific has long been considered kind of “paradise” on earth, a place where there is peace and tranquility. For a long time Oceania was under the watchful eye of Western countries, primarily the United States, Britain, France and Australia. After the Second […]

Valery Timoshenko – Raskol-Gangs оr New «Sandpit Generals»

More than forty years passed since Brazilian writer J.Amadu wrote his famous novel “captains of the sands” about the life of Brazilian waifs. Hollywood already filmed the less famous movie, having raised infant inhabitants of the slums to the rank of “generals”. But problems disclosed by the authors still worry general public all around the […]

Stuart McMillan – NZ Should Benefit From Russia Being in WTO

Getting Russia into the World Trade Organisation makes sense for all trading nations, including New Zealand. Russia may be able to join before the end of this year or early next. The European Union lifted its objection late in October and Georgia was reported ready to lift its objection in the last few days. The […]