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Abbott v Putin: Will the G20 turn into a naked wrestling match?

Someone should tell Tony Abbott that gaffes aren’t like baby turtles; you don’t increase their chances of slipping by watchful predators by producing more of them. It certainly seems like he’s trying to increase his output. Not even a whole day has passed since his reality-shunning collection of mouth sounds “Coal is good for humanity” […]

Missiles for milk: how Russia offered NZ military hardware to settle dairy bill

Former PM Jim Bolger ‘absolutely stunned’ to be offered a nuclear sub and two MiGs in lieu of money, new book reveals. Russia made the unusual offer of two MiG fighters in 1993, when it was struggling to pay its debts after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Photograph: AAP/MiG Jet Adventures. How do you […]

New Zealand’s reputation to rescue – blame Russian Mafia connections?

Fairfax NZ News, New Zealand has launched a diplomatic effort to get the country restored to a prestigious European Union banking and corporate “white list” after it was struck off for having weak money laundering and counter terrorist financing laws. The Russian Federation was also removed, but because of corruption. Being struck off the white […]

Russia and New Zealand Partnership in the 21 Century

“New Zealand and Russia have long-standing friendly relations established during the Second World War. They are characterised by close people-to-people contacts. It is an important market for New Zealand, and we would welcome further development of our trade links on a mutually beneficial basis,” – John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister.   “I believe that agriculture […]

Sixty-Five Years of Diplomatic Relations between New Zealand and Russia

By Chris Elder On 9 May each year, a small group of elderly men gather before a memorial plaque on the waterfront of Wellington, New Zealand’s capital. They are joined there by staff of Russia’s Embassy in New Zealand. Each year the numbers are less, yet each year the occasion is more significant. For these […]

New Zealand-Russia FTA: Another BRIIC in the wall

Think about it this way….the gains from an FTA are strategic The Prime Minister and Trade Minister have announced that New Zealand will be entering free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (RBK) with the aim of concluding talks in 2012. NZIER modelling indicates the FTA will deliver gains of around $27 […]

New Zealand-Russia begin FTA scoping discussions

By Tim Groser Trade Minister Tim Groser today announced New Zealand and Russia have agreed to begin laying the groundwork for formal commencement of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations. The announcement followed a meeting between Mr Groser and his Russian counterpart, Elvira Nabiullina, Russian Minister of Economic Development, in Moscow and discussions last year between […]

Cuddly Russians Want More Than Just Trade

JockAnderson| Monday January 30, 2012 Russiatoday squeezesNew Zealandcloser to being a pivotal pawn in Moscow’s foreign policy strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. Today’s “consultations plan” signed with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov formalises bilateral cooperation for another two years, a positive step towards improved relations and trade development between both countries. Most recent ministry of […]

Business and Cultura

Patriotic movie that Politburo found prickly by Tracey Rudduck-Gudsell Russian child soldiers were common in World War II. Supplied When the Soviet Politburo commissioned Andrei Tarkovsky to direct Ivan’s Childhood, they expected a rousing patriotic tale of a brave boy soldier defending mother Russia. Released in 1962, Ivan’s Childhood, was acclaimed as a masterpiece, however the […]

Russian Election

Russia protests spark talk of Facebook revolution Allegations of vote fraud have driven Russians to the streets, and prompted talk of a Russian spring. Russian protest image from Facebook High voter turnout is a worthy goal. But not too high. In Russia’s parliamentary elections, turnout in some areas was measured at 146% – a fact […]