What’s really going on around the downed Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine.

To sort out the question of who actually shot down the Malaysian passenger plane, it is necessary to look at the situation objectively, which occurs in Ukraine. For me as for Russian, who has Ukrainian roots, and with famous Ukrainian surname, this subject is especially close. Besides, I have relatives in Ukraine who live in its southeastern part. I am Russian by nationality, was born in the far east of Russia, my cousin is Ukrainian-live in Moscow, his mother, my aunt, a Russian, lives in Ukraine. There are about tens millions of such as we are. Russia and Ukraine are intertwined into a single body during the Millennium. So bitter and sad for the misunderstanding that occurred in the West to what is happening in Ukraine.

‘Information War’, which is going on around the Ukrainian events exceeded all reasonable limits. Such a frenzied campaign against Russia was not even in the days of the Soviet Union. Russia always to blame for everything and any other points of view has ho rights to exist. ‘Free Western media’ has become part of history. The mass media of Australia, Europe, Japan, tirelessly repeating the same phrases, show the same picture, produced by the American State Deppartament. Watch them become bored. No diversity of opinion. Russia to blame for everything, and they provide no evidence of this guilt. They talk about the occupation of Crimea and about the alleged Russian interference in the affairs of Ukraine. As stated recently, Barack Obama, the United States imposed sanctions against Russia for the fact that it does not recognize the free choice of Ukraine. What cynicism. The United States ignored the views of half of the population of Ukraine, which voted for Yanukovych, imposing and supporting Maydan and the so called “European choice”. Any attempt to argue on the subject face terrible Putin’s propaganda and “Russian zombies”. Unhappy Russians sitting in its miserable Russia in the full information vacuum. In fact he reality is opposite.

Every morning I start with watching news programs on TV. In “awful Putin’s Russia ” I completely freely on Russian television I watch CNN, BBC World, Euronews, France 24, Deutsche Welle, NHK. Of course, I watch and Russian TV channels. I have something to compare, I am better informed, I have a choice. There is no such choice in the public of the West. It is unlikely that they watch Rossia 24 or Lifenews. Even the TV channel Russia Today is not available to everyone. In Ukraine, all Russian TV channels are prohibited. It’s what they call democracy. In addition, more than 5 million Russians annually go to the West and can easily watch Western TV channels. But that do not impact on them. This is because the Russians are more informed and are able to analyze the situation. Andtheyseewheretruthandfalsehood.

What actually happened.

February 22 in Kiev there was an armed coup, unknown snipers killed about a hundred people, the legitimate President of Ukraine was forced to leave the country. The so-called Ukrainian opposition together with the guarantor countries France, Germany and Poland did not fulfill the terms of agreement with Yanukovych signed shortly before.

Before and after the event in Kyiv and other cities of the central and western Ukraine supporters Maidan and right sectors seized government buildings and arsenals. But West is exposed as a legitimate action of the revolutionary people.

New parliamentary majority of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has tried to ban the Russian language. In the South-East of Ukraine, Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk regions were held referendums on self-determination, as the population of these regions did not want to be associated with the EU, and destroy the economy. West declared the referendum illegal.

Crimea witch is inhabited by Russians population, and who was illegally transferred in 1956 to Ukraine, announced its independence, and then held a referendum on the occurrences in the composition of the Russian Federation in Full compliance with the principles on the right to self-determination. About 18 thousand out of 20 thousand Ukrainian military in the Crimea voluntarily moved to the side of Russia. West called this annexation.

After the referendums in Lugansk and Donetsk Kiev moved its forces into these regions. 13 April, it was decided to hold a so-called anti-terrorist operation, engaging the Ukrainian army, National Guard forces of the Interior Ministry, with the involvement of illegal armed groups, despite the fact that the Constitution prohibits the use of the army in internal conflicts. There was nobody to object. Because the Constitutional court has been dismissed shortly before. The West supports actions of the illegal government.

First, the population of the Southeast tried to stop military equipment of the Ukrainian army peacefully. Video documents how the unarmed villagers stop tanks, circled the entire world. However, on April 24 in Slovyansk Ukrainian army first used the weapons against unarmed villagers, five people were killed. West did not respond.

May 2 in Odessa, was set on fire by the prokievskimi House of Trade Unions. According to the most conservative estimates, killing about 100 people who disagree with the course of Kiev. West did not respond.

May 9 in Mariupol Ukrainian army and the National Guard was done firing assault peaceful citizens and the local police department. Many dead. West did not respond.

Forces submitting Kiev, began to massively used against civilians multiple rocket launchers, heavy artillery, tanks and attack aircraft, which led and continues to lead to mass casualties among civilians. There have been and continue shelling the Russian territory, have killed and wounded on the Russian side. West did not respond.

On the side of the Kiev authorities en masse are fighting the foreign mercenaries from Poland, the Baltic States, Italy, the United States and some other countries. West did not respond.

Finally on 17 July 2014, on the Ukrainian territory was shot down Boeing-777 of Malaysian Airlines. West has accused Russia and the personal involvement of President Putin.

In all, it is clear that the United States had declared war on Russia, and unintelligent Europe with their stupid policies actually supported this war. The United States waging war at a distance. The President of Ukraine instructed: by all means involve Russia in the war. And everything that Russia will make, it will be blame because it already appointed as guilty. After a disaster, a Boeing 777 near Donetsk Kiev will go to the next steps, including armed provocations against the Crimea or other Russian territories to force Russia to use its armed forces and to achieve a pretext for entering the armed contingents of NATO into Ukraine. In Kiev, there is simply no other choice, because the collapse of the Ukrainian economy it can write off only on the war. Regardless of the results of the investigation of the disaster will give Boeing 777 on 17 July, Donetsk, the West has already appointed the guilty is Russia and President Vladimir Putin personally.

For what the West has to hate Russia? What’s wrong did she do? Several years ago, Zbigniew Brzezinski said, ‘If you want to decline the Russian empire, you have to deprive her of Ukraine.’ For events taking place today in Ukraine, should be approached from the standpoint of the concept. It is no secret that the the United States is main party of the conflict in the Ukraine. Include Europe in to these events, the United States, on the one hand, provided support for its policy in Ukraine, on the other hand, aiming to spoil the relations of Europe and Russia. However, their plan was on the verge of collapse. The political situation in the world on the eve of the catastrophe of Malaysian Boeing 777 began to emerge not in favor of the United States. Create a single zone US-EU trade was actually torn down. Countries ES refuse to act in a united front with the United States to Russia. In Europe and the world began to be distributed mass appeals to stop the bloodshed in the South-East of Ukraine. In Ukraine itself began the process of public awareness of the impending catastrophe in the economy.

On the verge of failure plan of quickly curb of the “rebellious South-East”. Troops of Kiev authorities failed to break the connection between Donetsk and Lugansk. They have not been able to disengage the garrisons in the Donetsk and Lugansk airports. In the southern direction has three “boiler”, in which are about 5 thousand people from the armed forces of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard and the so-called “volunteer battalions”. Deaths of military personnel and equipment have become widespread. In the Ukrainian army began deserting. In the Centre and West of Ukraine protests against the war have begun to acquire dangerous for Kyiv scale. Thus, instead of the expected victories and successes of United States, in addition to fuel conflict in Ukraine, have not achieved anything. And after the plans of the United States began to crumble, there was an even more urgent need for further escalation of the military conflict in order to involve him in Russia.

United States politicians and their “European partners” because of their limited knowledge of military strategy, history and mentality of other people can’t understand why the Ukrainian army, which has tenfold superiority in manpower and technology, could not cope with the rebels, which are the backbone of the miners, workers and farmers. Finding one, they secretly helps Russia. They have no evidence, but it is all clear. They are starting to demand from Russia to cease all support for the rebels. And since no one requires Poroshenko stop punitive operation in the South-East, it means that Russia should allow the Ukrainian army to kill Russians. The fact that these Russian do not give up, do not give up as neither Napoleon nor Hitler, it is for them it does not matter. So it is necessary to destroy them all, or to squeeze them all in Russian. All ten million people. And it’s called in one word – fascism. That’s against the fascism and fighting militia south-east. And in doing so, they help the entire Russian people. Neither Government, nor Russia, but the Russian people. Those who sabotage this adventure in Ukraine what they were thinking about, that millions of Russians and Ukrainians living in Russia, will be quietly sit and watch as fascists kill their relatives, friends and acquaintances? May be, in Europe and in the U.S. have forgotten what is fascism, but not in Russia. This is where the provocation with downed Malaysian Boeing just in time. The wreckage is still burning on the ground, and in Washington and Kiev has accused Russia and militia, without giving any evidence. A particular zealous allies, such as Australia and Canada, where they settled after the second world war thousands of Ukrainian fascists and war criminals immediately supported this nonsense.

The question arises: why Russia, which already threatened by new sanctions, shoot down a harmless peace plane? Why should the rebels shoot down civilian aircraft when they constantly attacked by the Ukrainian aviation? Why rebels who controlled the area falls, collected and handed over the dead bodies? Why they did not destroy the ‘black boxes’, and handed them over to the Malaysian representatives? One answer they wanted the world to know the truth. But I wonder  if the world will find out the truth, I’m having serious doubts. Somehow crash investigation Malaysia delegate Holland, a member of NATO and an ally the United States, and that it is unclear sent ‘black boxes’ on the transcript in the UK, more loyal ally the United States. And why Ukrainian army exactly on the day of the “black boxes” transference attempted to break through to the city centre of Donetsk, and take over the building where they were kipping and why the Ukrainian army, in spite of the loss, was trying to take control of the crash area? The rebels have never prevented access to this area, it was already visited by the representatives of the OSCE, journalists, and even elderly couple from Australia. Expert group of journalists from Holland, which as stated may not get to the area. Why? Perhaps they didn’t really want to go there? Waiting for the Ukrainian army’s artillery would destroy the traces of the terrible crime which she committed? And where is the evidence of rebel installations “beech”? Why Russian satellites have recorded all the Ukrainian units “beech” on the day of the disaster, their number, location and even numbers of military vehicles and U.S. satellites have found nothing that would speak to the existence of such facilities from insurgents? Does the U. S. satellites are worse than Russian’s? As well as the CIA, with a budget of more than a budget of the Russian army?  Do you believe that their “Jameses Bonds” would not have notes and record as military complex ‘Buk’, consisting of five heavy vehicles, crossing the Ukrainian border?

For us in Russia, the answer is obvious. Malaysian Boeing was hit by a Ukrainian army, and now with the United States and its allies are trying to shift the blame on Russia to ensure a reason for imposing the sanctions once again.

But the Russians on the Donbass will not surrender. You can either agree with the Russians, or destroy them. Learn the history gentlemen!
Valery Timoshenko, PhD,

Director of the Asia-Pacific

International Relations Study Center

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