The force of Russia is in its seeming weakness

At all times the West had to deal with Russia which, regardless of how it was called — the empire, the USSR or the Russian Federation, always provoked the western powers to aggressive actions against it subsequently to win the victories.

It means that the Russian foreign and domestic policy for several hundred years was directed on that by subtle provocations to compel these or those western powers, or their unions to attack Russia. However paradox it is, every time when the West gave in on such provocations, it suffered crushing defeats.

Unlike the civilized Western world which always preferred a way of honest open military aggression, Russia quite reasonably considering itself as the successor of Byzantium preferred to use truly barbarous ways of war, never attacking the first, and forcing the opponent most to make it that then to appear the innocent victim of aggression before the whole world.

So occurred in the Russian-Polish war of 1610−1612 when Russians impudently and purposely created a situation of the Time of Troubles, and the Polish king, thinking that he will help Russia to bring an order, occupied Moscow for two years. Of course, the Poles absolutely fairly considered that only the Polish management is capable to provide the peace and order in barbarous Russia.


However as a result of dishonest military fight in which Russians instead of active armed forces used a militia, the Poles suffered defeat, though left Smolensk to themselves. Subsequently it appeared that it was the next insidiousness of Russians who in 1667 finally returned this city.
Calling things by their proper names, already then Russians successfully used concept of «Hybrid warfare» as actually Russian militia was separatists and terrorists, and was liable to undoubted destruction.

It should be noted, as before Russians skilfully and successfully provoked western state to invasions: in XII-XV centuries both various knightly awards and Sweden repeatedly interfered in northwest of Russia which unsuccessfully tried to take some lands away from Russians. It was quite logical as Russians, according to the West, already then weren’t capable to operate them effectively.

Without having managed to resist to fair Swedes in fair competition, Russians provoked them. The Swedish king Karl XII who sincerely wished to make Ukraine happy and independent power fell the following victim of the Russian «Hybrid warfare» and moved with small army there. Before the Russian emperor Peter the Great during the whole 9 (!) years skilfully pretended to be weak and ailing and by that provoked the great Swede to invasion. As a result the Swedes were broken near Poltava, and then in 1721 were compelled to sign the Treaty of Nystad, according to which Livonia, Estonia, Ingria and also the part of Karelia joined to Russia.

In the West the most part of historians considers Napoleon Bonaparte as the great commander and the ingenious statesman. But is it possible to agree with such point of view, considering that fact that as the Polish king Sigismund and the Swedish king Karl made before him, gave in on provocation of Russia and attacked it in 1812?

As a result the Russians as it is impossible used the conducting methods of «Hybrid warfare» again more effectively and meanly enticed the troops of the French emperor, his allies in the person of Italy, Poland, other European states to Moscow where Russians in defiance of all rules of war didn’t leave the food at all.


In the same time the Russian militia in the person of guerrillas terrorists actively acted on communications of French. Despite repeated references of Napoleon Bonaparte to the Russian emperor Alexander I with the requirement to influence the bandits and to oblige them to stop attacks, and in general to conduct military operations according to international law, he denied the existence of the influence on them in every possible way. Meanwhile the Russian terrorists in the person not only men and women, but Cossacks and even the hussar, continued to attack the French groups. The hussar lieutenant colonel Denis Davydov became one of the most famous leaders of terrorist gangs. Without having managed to win in fight against threat of terrorism, as a result the Great French army was compelled to run from Moscow, and the Russian troops entered Paris then.

And even those wars which Russia lost, it turned on its advantage. So, the Russian-Japanese war «lost» by Russia ended with that Japan increased the public debt by 4 times, and Russia by only one third! And without saying it even that Japanese losses in manpower were nearly twice higher, than Russian. Quite good payment for a half of Sakhalin and Kuril Islands, isn’t it?

These figures as well as possible testify to a sophisticated Russian artful method of conducting wars.

Events of 1917, two Russian revolutions and the followed then civil war again showed high efficiency of methods of the Russian «Hybrid warfare». Firstly, having dramatized full disorder of the Russian Empire and the hunger which followed it and sufferings of civilians, Russians provoked input of peacekeeping troops. Germany entered Ukraine, France, Italy and England were included into Odessa and Black Sea Coast, England and the USA — to Far North Russia, Japan and the USA — to the Far East. Even the Czechoslovak corps tried to provide protection of human rights throughout the Trans-Siberian Railway.

However the Russians again violated the international law in the meanest way and launched the damned «Hybrid» war. The Russian terrorists and separatists, without following the rules of conducting civilized war, considerably succeeded in carrying out the acts of terrorism against troops of the international peacekeeping contingent.

All its attempts to acquaint Russians with the western order rendered unsuccessful, and peacekeepers were compelled to leave Russia.

The next two decades the Russians successfully created visibility of the weakness.
Having used the methods of «Hybrid» war again, they successfully organized peaceful accession of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to the USSR by national will.

The Fuhrer of Great Germany Adolf Hitler, the British premieres sirs Nevill Chamberlain and Winston Churchill, the French prime minister Edouard Daladier and the American president Franklin Roosevelt appeared the next political and military figures of the West who absolutely silly gave in on the Russian cunnings.

Great Britain and France tempted with so-called «weakness» of Russia were going to bomb the Russian oil mines in the Caspian Sea in the summer of 1940. They were stopped by only the German invasion into France.

Adolf Hitler for some reason didn’t consider the lessons of the historical predecessors and moved to Russia. As well as in a case with Napoleon and civil war of 1918−1922, military units and connections of the countries of the civilized world participated in the western coalition — Italy, Spain, France, Romania, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia and others. Release of the suffering people from a Bolshevism yoke, the termination of atrocities of not democratic Russian regime was a noble purpose of Adolf Hitler campaign. He was supported by almost all Europe.

However the Russians, having again turned on the mechanism of «Hybrid» war, threw a horde of terrorists against the countries of the western democracy who began to blow up the railway tracks, engines, warehouses of ammunition, etc., in the back of troops of the international coalition. In the conditions of the Russian off road, in the impassable Russian woods, the incalculable hordes of bandits snatched on nothing suspecting valorous soldiers of the western coalition.


The Russians, purposely without having given to crush in the summer, held on case till winter. They meanly provided the troops with warm clothes and footwear, but thus didn’t warn peacekeepers that in Russia there are very cold winters. Unfortunate perished in tens of thousands from the Russian frost.

Besides, the Russians used the forbidden arms — the jet systems of volley fire like «Katyusha», attack planes Il-2 «Schwartze Tod» and many others. In defiance of the international standards the Russians refused to give up even in the conditions of a full environment. Especially the Russian marines, air paratroopers, and also special household troops differed in the atrocities. The unfortunate sentimental sensitive soldiers of Wehrmacht who are brought up on Schiller and Goethe’s books literally sobbed, looking at the events …

The coalition tried to bring the Russian bandits to reason in every way and to put the universal legal values in them. For this purpose the labour camp of legal re-education were created everywhere, however the Russians in every possible way refused the entry into a bosom of civilized mankind at sincere desire of camps staff to help them.

Despite the active help which was given to troops of the coalition by volunteers from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and also the Western Ukraine which even received in this regard the honourable name «Banderstadt», the western coalition was unarmed against the Russian barbarous methods of conducting «Hybrid» war. And on May 9, 1945 the coalition was surrendered and the Russian troops took Berlin.

In 1991 the Russians artfully destroyed the Soviet Union. The USA and NATO as the full laymen who aren’t knowing the history were delighted to it and rushed to the east. Russia in the same time skilfully involved them in various conflicts in the Middle East and in Yugoslavia, and, besides, forced to expand NATO in order that the most efficient parts of the block appeared closer to borders of future conflict as it is possible.

It would become absolutely clear to any idiot that it is the next mean provocation of Russians who thus want the USA and NATO to repeat mistakes of the predecessors: to prolong the communications in fight against Russia means to doom itself to a checkmate! However, obviously, the common sense finally left the heads of politicians and military of the West…
Especially impudently the Russians behaved in Ukraine in 2014. They provoked the West to organize the Maidan, to overthrow the president Yanukovych, and then to instruct Kiev to begin military operation in Donets Basin. It is absolutely clear that thus Russia once again after that wanted to turn on the tested mechanism of «Hybrid warfare» as it wasn’t slow to occur.

In modern time most active and fruitfully genius of the Ukrainian military thought, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Valery Geletey who persistently paid attention of the world community to it worked on the Russian problem of conducting of «Hybrid warfare». Ukraine asked the USA for the help…

The overwhelmed by thirst of universal justice, ingenious 44th U. S. President Barack Obama, as we know, spent the childhood on Hawaii. The destiny of his father Obama Sr. had resolute impact on formation of the identity of the president.

Obama’s father worked as the senior economist in government office of Kenya at the Ministry of Finance. For criticism of economic actions of the president of the country Obama Sr. got to disgrace, his career came to the end. Obama -father started drinking and failed in poverty. He saw the son the last time when Barack was 10 years old. In Kenya Obama Sr. got to road accident, being in a condition of strong intoxication therefore lost both feet. The father was always an example for Barack Obama.

After divorce of parents Barack Obama lived on Hawaii at the grandmother and the grandfather. His mother acted in frank photo shoots and therefore parents renounced her. The grandmother Madeleine Li brought up the boy long time. Barack’s grandfather, the dissident and the revolutionary, as well as Obama’s father, fought against the political system existing in Kenya, but unsuccessfully.

In the Hawaiian village Barack’s grandfather was the only person who was able to read. And the book about the history of the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide was the only book in the village which the grandfather read aloud to little Barack. Then the work of the field marshal Erich von Manstein «The lost victories» somehow got there on which Barack Obama learned to read.


It is necessary only to envy brightly the people of the United States of America who managed to elect the president with so obviously expressed hereditary signs. Isn’t it an example of true democracy?

Therefore when there was a question before Barack Obama how to attach 7 million Russians in Donets Basin to the civilized world, he had no many problems: he ordered to the Kiev commanders to surround the cities and settlements, and not to let out anybody from there. Creatively using a technique of the organization of Famine-Genocide, he recommended to use the aircraft and jet systems of volley fire in large quantities on the surrounded settlements, hoping thereby to increase efficiency of Famine-Genocide.

However the Russians, as before, answered victorious with knightly methods of «Hybrid warfare». Now the West needed only to enter the troops into Ukraine that Barack Obama and other western leaders not only tried on a suit of Adolf Hitler and his noble predecessors, but also would give the capitals to the Russian bear on worry.

Author: Argyl Terner, Canada
Source: “World and We” 13 October 2014

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