Viktor Starchikov – blogger from Kharkov: are the Ukrainians guilty of their own calamities?

Ukrainians are traitors, it is their own fault [that Nazism reins over the country now] – such is the opinion frequently expressed in the comments on my page.

Let us nose into bureau drawers.

When the Congress of the People’s Deputies of the Russian Federation headed by Yeltsyn was adopting the Decree on the sovereignty, Ukrainians had been very much surprised and slightly embarrassed by such trick of Boris Nikolayevich [Yeltsyn].

Kravchuk, the then ruler of Ukraine, did not know what to do and wheedled about for a long time, like an eel at a frying pan, holding referendums at first in favour of sovereignty and then against it.

And then in Belovezhskaya Pushcha in response to Yeltsyn’s initiative he signed the historical scrap of paper with a trembling hand.

At the moment no more than a hundred of “conscious Nazis” roamed around Kiev.

Common people had been harped on to about the Commonwealth of Independent Nations, a single army, and the unified economy, telling them, that it will be a reincarnation of the Soviet Union, but under another label, be patient, and everything will come back…

The Americans are not lazy fellows, they raised money for the grants, composed guidebooks, bought all the media in the country, all the ideologists, political analysts and other scum, and, having rolled up the sleeves, started toiling at the “Ukraine is anti-Russia” project.

Russian people had been shocked by what was going on in the country, and they started forming communities and establishing pro-Russian organizations and registering parties.

As everything in our world has to be paid for, and the funds to sustain pro-Russian organizations could not be found in Ukraine in principle, they went around Russian funds with an outstretched hand, begging money at the bureaus of the kind of “Russian cooperation” and the rest of them.

If Americans invested into reformation of Ukrainian minds tens, and at times hundreds of millions of their “dead presidents”, then brothers Russians as a rule limited their aid by the figures close to zero, saying it was not legal enough, the money was not sufficient for their own needs and they would be reprimanded….

Those who dealt with the issues will not let me lies.

This was the way everything went on increasingly for the twenty five long years.

And Americans are very patient guys. They waited until the new generation “Pepsi-Ukraine” grew.

And then the unexpected for the fools and quite expected for the clever people event took place….

A part of Donbass managed to pull itself out of Ukraine with the help of its own silly oligarchs who had decided to play games with the authorities.

The Crimea departed forever with the help of “foreign” polite swimmers.

Odessa was swiftly burnt down, and Kharkov was promptly jailed.

The fiercest ones had been imprisoned, the militant ones left for Donbass, and all the rest remained watching out for TV news, but unexpectedly received an ultimatum from the new authorities:

“Either you kiss Bandera’s portrait, or you will be acknowledged terrorists and spies”.

As you can see, the people have a very limited choice…

Attention, question:

Where from have all these Ukrainians arrived to Ukraine? How many of them will there be in a couple of years’ time?

What is the fault of 20 millions of Russians living in Ukraine, who, in opinion of certain citizens of Russia, are always guilty of everything?

I will tell you, whose is the fault: firstly, Adam, secondly, all those who had dismantled the Empire, thirdly, the rulers of Russia and the rulers of Ukraine in the years of independence, and, of course, me and you, too, because “by silence God is betrayed”.

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