APIR Center announces an essay contest on the theme “The Second World War and the Great Patriotic War History and Modernity”

On the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the Great Patriotic War

Russia has never had anything to do with the rest of Europe … the story requires it another thought, another formula. (AS. Pushkin)

APIR Center announces an essay contest on the theme: “The Second World War and the Great Patriotic War: Past and Present”

Directions essays:

-History of the Second World War and the Second World War

-Modern assessment of the Second World War and the Second World War

-History of the family in the Second World War and the Second World War

To participate in the competition is open to high school students and students

The grand prize: a cash consideration

Stages of the Competition

On 10.23.2014 – till 01.04.2015, the – the reception of entries.

On 02.04.2015 – till 11.04.2015, the – job Jury.

12.04.2015g. – Summing up the competition and award winners.

Requirements for the competitive work

Essay – is a literary work (coherent text), reflecting the author’s position on any relevant issue (problem).

The purpose of the essay – to express their views and to form a consistent set of arguments justifying the preferred position, chosen by the author of this text. Essay includes the following elements:

1. Introduction. It is formulated topic, its relevance is justified, revealed differences of opinion, justified by the structure of the topic, skip to the main judgment.

2. The main part. Includes:

– Formulation of opinions and arguments put forward by the author, usually two or three arguments;

– Evidence, facts and examples to support the author’s position;

– Analysis of the counter-arguments and opposing opinions, and the need to show their weaknesses.

3. Conclusion. Repeats the basic proposition summarizes the main arguments in favor of the judgment, given the general conclusion about the usefulness of this statement.

Entries should correspond to the declared genre essays literary genre of prose essays small volume and free composition, which expresses the individual experiences of the author.

Entries must comply with the stated theme “…………………………………”

The work must be submitted in electronic form (in the amount of no more than three pages of text editor Word. Font: Times New Roman, font size – 12, spacing – single. All fields are 20 mm.

Above right, the surname, name of the author of essays, place of study, course or class. Next – the name of the essay, then through one missed interval is text.

The text does not allow for reduction, except those commonly used.

For entries attached form indicating:

Full name .;

place of study, course or class

essay title

contact phone number

e-mail address

Acceptance of entries

Deadline for submission of works – not later than 11.04.2015 year.

Works sent after the deadline shall not be taken to be.

Entries must be sent along with the application form on e-mail: tsimo@bk.ru

In the “Subject” necessarily specify: Essay contest.

The jury is not responsible for disruption of postal services, so each participant should verify the information on the admission of his contest entry tel ._____________

Organizing Committee:

President: Tymoshenko VN, Doctor of History, Director APIR Center.

Committee members:

Anisimov AL, d.i.n Professor

Samokhin AV, Ph.D., Professor

Alepko AV, Doctor of History, Professor

Secretary: Catherine Pavlushkin.

Contact: e-mail: tsimo@bk.ru, apir.center@yandex.ru

Phone: 8914188 78 24

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