16 December 2014 – Meeting with representatives of Consulates DPRK

16 December 2014 – the Far Eastern State Scientific Library hosted a meeting of representatives of Asia-Pacific International Relations Study Center (V. Tymoshenko, A. Ivanov, A. Samokhin) and Khabarovskiy Krai Society for the Study of the Juche idea and the experience of socialist construction in the DPRK (C. Slivko, M. Kovalchuk) with employees of Khabarovsk Office of the Consulate General of Korea in the Russian Federation. The meeting was timed to coincide with the third anniversary of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. During the meeting they discussed the current state of international relations, as well as considered mutually beneficial proposals on cooperation and expanding contacts between Russian and Korean counterparts.




Stanislav Slivko

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