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Over the past decade, the United States turned from democracy, where the real power belongs to the people, an oligarchy, where the financial elite, facing both the right and left of the political spectrum, coordinated rule the country.

The fact that Noam Chomsky (Noam Chomsky), considered the most outstanding intellectuals of America and the most cited scientists in the world, says that the US has become the largest source of the terror of our times, depressing. It has long been known that, according to Chomsky, the US is no longer a democracy, but more like a one-party state in which the oligarchic elite ruled on behalf of the people and often contrary to its interests.

A similar conclusion was come, and a new study from Princeton University. Dzhilens Martin (Martin Gilens) and Benjamin Page (Benjamin I. Page) examined how the United States over the past decade have turned from democracy, where power truly belongs to the people, an oligarchy, where the financial elite, facing both the right and left parts of the political spectrum, highly coordinated rule the country. Classical division between “right” and “left” is almost non-existent. It looks like the good old USA, which we knew from the Marshall Plan, civil rights and the struggle for personal freedom, are in deep stagnation.

Chomsky has recently published on the Internet portal «TruthOut» critical article devoted prepared CIA Report on the US covert operations. Criticism, for the most part, was that interference in the internal affairs of other countries actively contributed to their destabilization and the tragic humanitarian consequences. October 15 newspaper «The New York Times» told about the CIA report and make the Obama administration on the basis of its finding that the covert operations in Cuba, Angola, South Africa and Nicaragua were so unsuccessful that make us think about the need to review the entire strategy. Just in the light of this conclusion edition expressed skepticism about the currently rendered assistance to the Syrian rebels. Another key argument Chomsky is that NATO has also undergone a radical change. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the North Atlantic Alliance has evolved from a European defense alliance in the US-controlled instrument of intervention and the aggressor, eager to dominate the global oil and gas industry.

Recent revolutionary statements Chomsky on the US as a source of terror become particularly relevant in light of the failure of Washington’s Middle East policy in recent years and is now threatening the ongoing escalation of tension to the level of a new “cold war”. Yale University professor Bruce Ackerman (Bruce Ackerman) notes that the strikes on terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG), first of all, violate the constitution, but also contradict the wishes of the US population, 74% of which, according to «Public Police Polling», does not want new wars. Disturbing disregard for the principle of national sovereignty is clearly manifested in the fact that the US strikes at Syrian territory, not even in consultation with the Government. With groups like the IG definitely need to fight, but the paradoxical fact that these terrorist organizations use American weapons and equipment. According to international media when the IG acted in Syria against Bashar al-Assad, it has received aid from Washington and its militants trained Americans in Jordan. From the very beginning of the conflict the Syrians themselves have stated that the war started because after the operation in Libya, the country was overrun by outside groups of heavily armed Sunni extremists.

Does not improve the picture, and that the creation of the IG has become one of the consequences of the US invasion of Iraq, where the Americans have broken the balance of power and put him in the government of Shiites, who used the power to harass Sunni Muslims. Washington can not argue that it is not aware clearly all the potential destructive consequences of the situation. As early as 1994. Dick Cheney (Dick Cheney), who later became vice-president under George W. Bush (George Walker Bush), in an interview just described the risk of upsetting the balance of power between the various religious factions in Iraq.

Now Obama, according to «CNN», argues that the fight against Sunni IG is too slow due to the fact that Assad (the enemy IG) is not defeated. Such statements serves new controversial introducing confused signals indicative of impending further destabilize the region, already covered by having a plurality of measurement conflict has led to the worst since the Second World War a humanitarian catastrophe.

In the documentary “The Fog of War» («The Fog of War») years of United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs (error: in fact, Robert McNamara was US Secretary of Defense in the 1961-1968 year – approx. Per.) And the head of the World Bank, Robert McNamara ( Robert McNamara) noted that it was chosen by the US strategy of intervention in civil wars through the provision of a one-sided support of one of the parties was the reason for the failure of attempts to contribute to conflict resolution. Henry Kissinger (Henry Kissinger), seem to share this concern. From the pages of his latest book “The World Order» (World Order), he states that US policy has got into the trap of ideological belief that “the establishment of democracy and human rights” will solve the problems of the Middle East. This is an idealistic crusade, not reflecting the real situation “on the ground”. The result of the contribution of the US regime change in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria, was a significant deterioration in the situation. Was not taken into account that democracy as a form of governance has evolved in the West for centuries and can not automatically be spread methods of military coercion in other regions. Kissinger calls for a reorientation of the political realism, where the principle of national sovereignty should be the basis for restoring stability endangered world order.

Quite ironic that the United States with their idealistic democratic aspirations of today enjoy much less respect in the Middle East, the more realistic line of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who spent two years in a row recognized as the most powerful man in the world by the magazine Forbes. The paradox lies in the fact that the Western media to a very small extent possible to objectively reflect the pluralistic reality of the situation “on the ground” in many countries outside the West. West should be more interested in other – it would bring more peace. Far from being a reality western idealistic dream can become just the factor that will plunge the world into a new major conflicts.

A danger that in the past the US democratic become autocratic military state and does not respect the principles governing the relationship between independent states, that have been relentlessly harassed leading thinkers. In his speech in 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Dwight Eisenhower), in fact, expressed concern about the possibility of erosion of democracy in the United States, designated as the main threat to a significant increase in the impact factor of military force policy. On Eisenhower’s warning about what American freedom and democratic processes should never be threatened by a potentially catastrophic combination of politics and military forces, especially scary to ponder now, when it might seem that is exactly what he feared has happened.

Given how the US moved towards the autocratic form of government in Europe have every reason not to follow their example.

Hannah Nabintu Herland – Norwegian writer, journalist and expert on the history of religions.


Translated by APIR Center

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