Crimean “misfire” of USA

We all remember the events in the Crimea, which followed the coup Maidan in Kiev. Through the lies and misinformation Western media made the way the truth about the coup in the Ukrainian capital by US intelligence agencies, which clearly benefited from the fact that our appropriate structures were fully engaged in the security of the Olympic Games. The situation has evolved to an unexpected scenario for our government. Under these conditions, a miracle seemed bloodless events in the Crimea, which culminated in a referendum and the historic reunification with Russia.

“Blame Muscovites”

By the anniversary of the dramatic events of March 2014 there were many articles and publications, which are a variety of points of view on what happened in the Crimea. In some of them (such as a recent article in “Novaya Gazeta”) states that the Russian authorities were warned in advance about the impending coup and Kiev, he says, were themselves interested in it, because going to “use the confusion in the Ukraine in order to clean up to the hands of eastern Ukraine and Crimea. ” This is clearly a fake prepared by masters of misinformation from Langley – she turns the situation on its head.

First, remove the responsibility from the CIA (say, there was a coup for internal reasons, and perhaps not without the participation of interested in it Russian?). Secondly, the reunion with the Crimea and the current support DNR and LC appear as “implementation of the strategic plan of the Kremlin’s aggressive,” and not as a natural reaction to the Crimea held in a national referendum.

All this should drive a deeper wedge between the fraternal peoples, to make Ukrainians to be suspicious of “perfidious Muscovites” with their aggressive plans.

“Place a neighbor”

During the Maidan events especially the United States and did not conceal their political (at least) participation. Everyone remembers the speech on Independence rabid Senator McCain, Victoria Nuland, other US obscurantist. Was opened part of some “foreign instructors” (in the “gray” zone of semi-legal) in the preparation of the fascist militants. Much is left in the “dark”, the underground area, which carefully concealed. But there is sometimes pulled out some interesting facts.

So, in March last year an American journalist Susan Duclos obtained from hackers published data on the secret negotiations between the US deputy military attache in Kiev Jason Gresham and a senior representative of the General Staff of Ukraine Igor Protsyk. In one of his letters (which, after careful analysis by experts, were considered authentic) American urges his “agent of influence”:


“Events are moving very quickly in the Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive action from your network of agents. I think it is time to implement the plan, which we agreed recently. Your goal is to create problems at crossings southeast to substitute neighbor. This will create opportunities for the Pentagon and the Company (CIA – NI). My friend, no time to lose. Sincerely, Lieutenant Colonel John. P. Gresh, Deputy. military attaché at the US Embassy in Kiev ”

In a slightly veiled form here refers to the conduct of the terrorist attacks on the crossings, public transport (such bloody events occurred recently in Kharkov), then to blame it on “neighbors” – Russia. Why did the Americans do not realize these evil plans a year ago?

The new version of the Cuban missile crisis?

It is known that the placement of Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962 prevented the US aggression against the “Island of Freedom”, although the world to the brink of nuclear war. Only the intelligent policy of President Kennedy was able to put in place “American hawks” (which in a year and organized the murder of the president).

The famous Italian journalist M. Blondet, based on data obtained from the NATO sources said that something similar happened in the case of the Crimea.

Coup in Kiev, he writes, had as main objective the “neutralization” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, based in Sevastopol, as well as the subsequent use of the base for the US Navy.

That Americans to prepare for the seizure of the peninsula (and therefore knew about the plans to overthrow the legitimate government in Kiev) is obvious from the fact that ten days before the coup, February 13, four groups warships led by the aircraft carrier “George Bush” left the base in Norfolk and popped into the Aegean Sea. Aircraft carrier with a displacement of 102 thousand. Tons had on board 90 planes and helicopters. He was accompanied by 16 ships, including destroyers “Trekston”, “Roosevelt”, and three nuclear submarines.

And 22 February, when Yanukovych was overthrown as president, the squadron entered the Black Sea, blatantly violating an international agreement (the “Agreement Montreux”) in 1936, prohibiting the passage of the Dardanelles ships with a displacement of more than 45 thousand. Tons. But, according to Turkish journalist Harriet, citing sources in the Ministry of Defence of Turkey, the country’s authorities have given permission for a secret passage through the straits of the US Navy.

Revolution in Kiev was directed by the US secret services, which was used as a battering ram pro-fascist forces of the party “Freedom” and the right sector. M. Blondet argues that one of the central roles in the coup played SBU chairman V. Nalyvaychenko, which (according to him) a US citizen. February 22 Yanukovych was forced to leave Kiev, and the pro-Western forces seized state power.

As conceived by the White House, to the end of May, the Crimea was to become a central base of NATO in the region or, as the Americans themselves, “unsinkable aircraft carrier stationary in Russian fence.” To do this, on the peninsula have already begun repairs properties selected to accommodate troops, headquarters, warehouses and other infrastructure. A May 15, Yatsenyuk had to announce the denunciation of the treaty on the Black Sea Fleet and demand his withdrawal to the territory of Russia.

At this point, the American squadron was to perform its main task – to block and capture the base in Sevastopol. Already preparing suitable with such aggression communiques corrupt media that “people with glee met warships under the Stars and Stripes.”

The people and the Real Politik

With the submission of American political scientists among the majority of our experts firmly entrenching the perception that all the political processes in the world are engaged in the “elite”. In the “real politics” takes into account only the balance of power, “power vacuum”, a ratio of the arms, and the people plays absolutely no role.

However, the events in the Crimea completely refuted this view. Immediately after the coup Maidan crowds in Crimea took to the streets of Sevastopol and Simferopol. Two days later, the siege of the Parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Prime Minister A. Mogilev, who was on the side of Kiev coup, was removed from his post. The presidency of the Council of Ministers decision of the Supreme Council of the Republic was appointed SV Aksenov. March 16 referendum was held, which resulted in the Crimea was reunited with Russia. “These events – writes Italian journalist – completely destroyed the plans of the US.”

The Americans were trying to thwart the referendum. Ships of the US Navy in late February, turned around and went in the direction of Turkey. March 5th squadron swam to Antalya on the Turkish base came and stood there, waiting for new orders. Only destroyers “Trekston”, “Donald Cook” and the frigate “Taylor” entered the Black Sea and headed to the northern coast of the Crimea, under the pretext of there joint naval exercise with the ships of Bulgaria and Romania.

Russian Air Force announced that “Donald Cook” tried to disrupt the antennas Center for Space Communications and functioning of the Black Sea Fleet military satellites operating in the electromagnetic spectrum. This innovative system allows radar and navigation systems in the Crimea, to obtain data on the number of aircraft on the decks of aircraft carriers, they are ready to take off, as well as all missile launches. Russian military aircraft SU-24 MP had to react to this aggressive action, repeatedly flying at low level flight just above the American ships and completely block the work of the ship’s radar systems. This caused the American sailors who are not accustomed to this kind of behavior, panic attacks. Many people immediately filed a resignation, 24 people required urgent psychological assistance.


Besides the obvious acts of aggression on the part of the US Navy, the Russian special services have received information that on American ships in full combat readiness are six groups of “sea lion”, each for 16 people, with the aim of covert landing on the Crimean coast and the organization of sabotage and terrorist acts on the peninsula, creating a civilian atmosphere of panic.

This could be the explosions on public transport during peak hours, the undermining of state institutions, followed by slanderous accusations against the “Russian spies”. Fear and panic on the eve of the referendum could disrupt the vote, and, accordingly, to disavow its results. In order to prevent such actions, says Blondet, Russian patrols had to tighten control on the streets of Sevastopol. The fact that all this was not an empty threat, confirmed by the data on one of the Crimean Internet sites of the capture of the special forces of the countries belonging to NATO (they spoke in Romanian).

Western experts say that in response to the coast of the Crimea American destroyers (including “Trekstena” equipped with cruise missiles and radio-controlled) Russia responded placement in Sevastopol missile complex “Bastion”, designed to destroy enemy ships with measures of suppression and radio radio drones and cruise missiles. The system is equipped with missiles “Yakhont” (SS-N-26), capable of hitting targets within a radius of 300 km.

With the latest systems was also foiled an attempt flybys Peninsula whole squadron of radio-controlled drones launched from Dnepropetrovsk to scout the situation in Crimea shortly before the referendum.

On the threshold of the third world?

After the referendum, when the vast majority of Crimeans voted for reunification with Russia, and hard to counter Russian military aggressive encroachment of the US Navy, the US squadron led by the aircraft carrier “George Bush” was forced to abandon the goal, left the Aegean Sea and sailed to Bahrain.

Accordingly, there is no need of the terrorist attacks in Ukraine in order to “fix” the success in the case of achieving the main goal – to capture the Crimea.

But this is quite a realistic scenario raises a number of troubling questions. If Americans were willing to escalate the military conflict with Russia (and without it we would have to capture the main naval base in Sevastopol), this means that the irresponsibility and mania “superiority” of the US reached its climax.

A number of Western experts believe that if Russia did not show at the time the determination and strength to deter the Americans, the situation could easily come to the outbreak of World War III.

Indeed, in a sharp rise in tension, the concentration of armaments and equipment, increased suspicion of all troop movements, Navy and Air Force, the development of various schemes of possible hostilities only one wrong move, a sharp statements, excessive sanctions or even unexpected incident that could be interpreted as the outbreak of war to a third world broke out in reality.

In this case, on the agenda should be put hard strategy to counter US plans – the only one that “works” against the country, imagines himself a “world empire.”

Bastion of freedom

After the events of a year ago, it became apparent that the Russian military base on the Black Sea is of strategic importance. According to Western military experts, is now in full swing carried out modernization of the fleet, updating it with new modern ships, submarines, frigates, missile carriers, specialized courts for electronic suppression of enemy forces. In addition, in the Crimea concentrated large rapid reaction force, funds for their transfer and landing. 135 transport aircraft able to transfer as soon as possible 80,000 paratroopers in any “hot spot”.

It is noted that a greater role for the security of Russia plays Space Communications Center, which provides acquisition and processing of data from remote thousands of kilometers of radar systems. This system pinpoint missile launches of any type – both ballistic and cruise. Conclusion of the center of the building or its complete destruction – was one of the main goals of the Pentagon a year ago.

Experts believe that the basis of all the events that preceded the coup, the action to establish in Kiev puppet “democratic” regime was aimed primarily destruction of the Center for Space Communications, the second place – the seizure of the naval base. “Even Ukraine’s accession to NATO was incidental purpose.”

The first misfire

Of course, the failure to implement the capture of Crimea, the Americans tried to compensate for the UN vote, intimidated when US military power of the country dutifully raised their hands at the behest of Washington. Then they organized an economic and financial war against our country, stood behind the scenes of the civil war in the South-East of Ukraine.

But the failure of US plans for the Crimea was the first major failure of the aggressive US policy toward Russia. Evidence of this was the Western media hysteria about “Putin’s war for the restoration of the Soviet empire,” other calumnies.

Genuinely committed to improving relations between the US and Russia, the former US presidential candidate Pat Buchanan in a recent article stated that the Crimea in no way can be a stumbling block for a “new detente.”

Approval of the US authorities and the media that Putin seeks to recreate the “Soviet empire”, he writes, is absolutely absurd. To do this, in practical terms, it would be necessary to capture the 14 republics of the USSR breakaway and equal in size to the United States, and then another to annex the countries of Eastern Europe and Germany to drop the boundaries of the Elbe. And what gave rise to the hysterical accusations of the Kremlin, he writes? Only reunion with modest area of the peninsula, which was acquired by Russia in the XVIII century and is vital for the country as a place of dislocation of the largest naval base. “Well, if we were able to settle with the neo-Stalinists such enormous challenges as the Berlin Wall and ballistic missiles in Cuba – wrote Buchanan – that prevents us now come to the table with Putin?”.

Naive conservative understands that the “big game”, started by Washington a year ago, the rate is – neither more nor less – the fate of the entire world. The CIA organized a coup in Kiev, plans to capture the Crimea were spearheaded against Russia – the main geopolitical rival the United States in achieving global hegemony, the destruction of the sovereignty of all countries, vassal of Washington, in the elimination of international law and the perpetuation of the domination of the “global empire.”

Anton Karamazov


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