Michael Stürmer. Trump makes NATO almost a toy army

The military alliance if they need to be good, they need to be based on predictability and trust. NATO has seen better days. What else must happen, before the members, especially Berlin, understand seriousness of the situation – and get to action?

Who has such friends, does not need any enemies. Since the tyrant in White House threw away the Kurds to strongmanon the Bosporus as food, a serious war has broken out in the Middle East, which was far beyond Kurdistan and it’s unfortunate inhabitants.

The Americans started to intervene into war between Syria and Iraq, right after Trump and Erdogan came to agreement via phone call and literally in one night withdrew their blocking positions. Did they both know what they were doing?

A geopolitical Revolution was set in motion. Consequences and side effects are far from being seen, as little as impacts and borders, are far beyond the Region. All of this happened for no reason. It was mostly to delight Trump’s Republican voters.

This was still the case that America in the Middle East has reliably asserted vital interests-from the oil quality springs to the shipping routes to the strategic security of the state of Israel-that no longer counts much on the ground of the new facts. Strategy by gusto, war by good type, world politics in experiment mode: it can’t be good, for anyone.

No state is more important for NATO than the USA

Whether Erdogan’s Turkey still belongs to the NATO alliance, except for its name, or with its cynical demand for assistance against the Kurds, the alliance is politically and morally overwhelmed until it is torn apart, is still open. One thing is certain. The North Atlantic Alliance will never be the same again what it was long decades of the Cold war: a safety promise for the Europeans, is an epitome of extended deterrence and the United States, the military infrastructure of their Atlantic World.

Just a few months ago, the Alliance celebrated itself as the largest and most successful military alliance of all time. Even Trump, who initially had isolationist doubts and criticized NATO partners for their financial scarcity, found praising words. They seemed to indicate that he would enter the Tradition of all his predecessors since Harry S. Truman.

This, however, was a warning signal that immediately reported that the President’s environment does not need their insight and experience to the experienced military and diplomats who for decades controlled the Western Alliance through all chattels.This was taken into consideration in the Baltic quarter of the Union with Zagen. It was largely and irresponsibly overlooked in Berlin.

The military alliance if they need to be good, they need to bebased on predictability and trustand, of course, first and foremost, in their own interests. For NATO, for a long time, it has been through thick and thin, including the crises and series of wars in Yugoslavia.

Now the flags of all 29 NATO members are still flying in front of  NATO headquarters on Boulevard Leopold III in Brussels. But it is not clear anymore what is behind all these force and power. No country is more important for the alliance than the USA.

Putin’s victory without war

And now? It was more than symbolic that, according to the commander’s orders, the Americans, mostly special forces, coming out of their quarters, met the Russians going in the opposite direction. Putin has achieved what clever commanders across history usually only dreamed of: victory without war.

In the region between the Baltic and the Black sea, he has long outlined the power lines of geopolitics. Now, according to Donald trump’s decision, nothing and no one will stop Putin – China, America and NATO-to continue the “big game” for power, for the “near abroad” and for the Eurasian security zone, a game that in 1989/90 seemed to be forever lost to Russia.The situation has changed radically.

But even Putin is prone to those hubris that almost inevitably comes with the Triumph.Donald Trump’s America can serve as a warning. Two decades ago, it stood unchallenged, self-assured: after the victory on the Persian Gulf in 1991, it was proclaimed and self-appointed guardian of the”new world order”.

At that time, Carter’s Security Adviser Zbigniew Brezinski wrote a bright-sighted book about America, “the Sole Surviving Superpower” (English: “The only world power”).What has remained of it can be observed these days in Europe’s southeastern insecurity zone. NATO has seen better days. What else has to happen until the NATO governments, especially the leadership in Berlin, understand the seriousness of the situation – and act accordingly?

Source: https://www.welt.de/debatte/kommentare/article202160188/Abzug-aus-Syrien-Trump-macht-die-Nato-fast-zur-Spielzeugarmee.html?wtrid=onsite.onsitesearch

Translated by Drygina Svetlana


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