Press release – Real Purpose Behind U.S. Bid to Prolong Ukrainian Crisis

There is a country seeking selfish purposes in the protracted Ukrainian crisis.

The U.S. fishes in troubled waters by creating and deliberately aggravating the Ukrainian crisis.

It is well known to the whole world that munitions enterprises leading the U.S. economy are amassing a fortune through the supply of a huge amount of war supplies to Ukraine.

However, that is only a small part of interests gained by the U.S. through the Ukrainian crisis.

The real purpose sought by the U.S. through the large-scale shipment of weapons to Ukraine is to prolong the present crisis as long as possible in order to impair the position of Russia as a big power and to make it as a country which can’t compete with the U.S. in the end.

The U.S. massive supply of offensive weapons to Ukraine has stemmed from this kind of attempt.

The U.S has already given to Ukraine offensive weapons including 90 pieces of “M198” howitzer, five hundreds of thousands rounds of shells, 16 “Mi-17” helicopters, hundreds of tanks and two hundred of “M113” armored vehicles. Recently, it is scheming to deliver long-range artillery rocket system which evokes great concerns from the international society.

Concerning this, the international media and experts are expressing grave concern, saying that in case the U.S. supplies Ukraine with the long-range artillery rocket system, the Ukrainian situation can make a dramatic turn, and that once “HIMARS”, high-mobility artillery rocket system, falls into the hands of the Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian army would have the right to fix targets and issue an fire order, even though the U.S. says that it would provide rockets with a limited range.

Senior figures of the Russian federal government including the Russian ambassador to the U.S., strongly demanded a stop to the adventurous weapon supply, warning that the prospect for peace-making is growing dark and unpredictable consequences can be created for global security due to the U.S. shipments of offensive weapons.

The U.S. is saying that it would not provide offensive weapons which can lead to direct collision with Russia; that it neither encourages the attack against Russia nor it desires to prolong the war to inflict pains on Russia. But all the circumstances clearly show once again how hypocritical the U.S. is in its words and deeds.

The supply of “HIMARS”, high-mobility artillery rocket system, decided by the U.S. is not an issue confined to military assistance. It is a political action to dissipate the power of Russia and a military scheme aiming for prolonged Ukrainian crisis.

The U.S. Congress revised the “Lend-Lease Act” adopted during the period of Second World War and the U.S. defense secretary openly said that the purpose of the U.S. is to weaken Russia so that it cannot invade other countries any longer. After that, the U.S. National Security Council, in its recently classified report, has asserted that the U.S. should bring the strategic defeat of Russia by increasing its military assistance to Ukraine. All of these facts prove that the U.S. is attempting in every way to intentionally prolong the Ukrainian crisis.

The U.S. only pursues its aggressive and reactionary external policy. The reality once again substantiates the fact that global peace and security can never be ensured as long as the U.S. exists and that the only way to safeguarding the dignity and sovereignty of a state is to bolster up its own power.


Ri Myong Hak

Researcher, Institute for Disarmament and Peace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

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