Press release – Brazenness of U.S. Imperialism: What Does This Tell?

Ri Ji Song

Researcher, Society for International Politics Study


The international society is raising its voice of denouncing the aggressive nature and predatory atrocities of the U.S., the ringleader of imperialism as the U.S. remains undisguised lately in its high-handed act to interfere in internal affairs of other countries.

A professor at Moscow National University named after Lomonosov recently issued an article titled “Brazenness of imperialism in the world politics as one of the factors in modern international relations” which scathingly exposed and condemned the U.S. imperialism for its brazenness and insolence.

In the article, he said that the brazenness of the U.S. has a deep root and history, having originated from the definition by a historian of ancient Greece which says “The strong do everything with strength and the weak cannot but endure.” The article continued as follows.

The brazenness of the U.S. finds its expression in the fact that it forces “open-door policy” on the other country under the pretext of human rights when other country’s independent policy does not suit its taste, and acts from the position of power, if necessary.

To that end, the U.S. has used economic sanctions and armed interventions as an effective leverage.

The recent foreign policy doctrine of the U.S. whose aim is to isolate and suffocate Russia and China signifies that brazenness of the U.S. imperialism against these two countries has reached an extreme phase.

The U.S. is overtly provoking China and Russia. This reminds us of a hooligan who gets his own way without being settled down.

Military and technical means are only fair means for the U.S., a reckless hooligan, to come to its senses.

Quite reasonable a notion.

The U.S. openly invaded and plundered a sovereign state in the broad daylight while committing high-handed and arbitrary acts in every part of the world. But it gets off scot-free without feeling any sense of guilt.

Yugoslavia was divided, Iraq and Libya collapsed and Afghanistan was devastated, generating a large number of refugees. Such are the catastrophic consequences of the aggressive and brazen foreign policy of the U.S., the ringleader of imperialism.

The defeats of the U.S. in the Korean war and Vietnam war show that one can surely defeat the U.S. imperialism when it bravely stands up to the aggressor with a belief in its strength.

The reality clearly proves that we are absolutely right about maintaining the principle of power-for-power in the anti-U.S. struggle.

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