Press release – U.S. Makes Useless Attempt to Increase Arms Assistance

Kil Myong Song

Researcher of Society for International Politics Study

As it has been the case before, the U.S. announced its additional plan for arms assistance to Ukraine two times in June when the international society is showing ever-growing concerns over the prolonged crisis in Ukraine.

Noteworthy is the fact that the U.S. has included HIMARS capable of launching long-range missiles with a range of 300km in its list of arms assistance.

In response to this, Russian president warned that Russia would hit new targets which it did not strike so far, if the West provides Ukraine with long-range missiles.

High-ranking officials of Russia, including foreign minister, vice-chairman of security council, clarified their resolute stand to strike the centers that would fall within the scope of strike decision, including the ministry of defense and the general staff of Ukrainian army, and push further away the source of threats.

According to the recent data released by the Russian foreign ministry, the military hardware the U.S. delivered to Ukraine for the last three and half month are worth billions of dollars. It includes 24,000-odd anti-missiles, around 1,000 anti-tank missiles, more than 1,000 anti-aircraft missile systems, 90-odd heavy artilleries, more than 8,000 pieces of small arms, etc.

The unsightly fact is that the Kiev authorities have requested additional supply of 1,000 pieces of 150mm howitzers, 500 tanks, 300 multiple launch rocket systems, 2,000 armored vehicles and 1,000 drones, insisting that the military hardware they were provided so far met only 10% of their demand.

In this situation, it is really foolish and useless for them to try to reverse the ever-worsening tide with supply of just a few missiles.

Taking Ukraine’s defeat as a fait accompli, the western countries themselves are talking Zelensky into “ceding” some of its territory to Russia and ending the war.

The above facts indicate that the American “vision” to dissipate Russia by using Ukraine as a cannon fodder is now on the brink of a complete failure.

Many international media are now asserting that the U.S. must take Russia’s warning seriously and refrain from triggering the third world war by a rash choice.

The hasty flight of the U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the failed proxy war in Ukraine – these altogether prove once again that the era of the U.S. is long gone when it used to dominate the world by means of high-handedness.

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