Press release – Tinderbox Laid Everywhere

Jong Chol Jun

Researcher of Korea-Europe Association

Türkiye-Greece relations have become deteriorated again as the U.S. seeks to set up its military bases in the waters off the Aegean Sea.

According to the news reports released by Anadolu Agency of Türkiye and others, the U.S. decided to newly set up its military bases in the waters off the Aegean Sea under the renewed bilateral military treaty with Greece, and Greece, accordingly, declared the given international waters as its military training zone.

This has prompted Türkiye to react. It said that it is clearly an act of provocation to set up foreign military bases near its territory. And it is stepping up its counteractions. These include sending a maritime warning that Türkiye also declares the international waters off the Aegean Sea as military training zone.

In this connection, the media are expressing concern that another conflict is brewing for a touch-and-go situation around the Aegean Sea at a time when the world is already feeling unease over the Ukrainian crisis.

Until March this year, the relations between the two countries were developing on good terms with the visit to Türkiye by the Greek Prime Minister. But those relations took a sharp turn for worse. It can be said that this was caused by the U.S. which does not scruple to do anything for its own strategic interests.

Historically, the issue of the territorial claims in the Aegean Sea has been hot potato between Türkiye and Greece.

Even a small military action in this territorial waters entails the danger of pushing the two countries into conflict. Hence, both parties have been holding negotiations to solve this problem peacefully in mutual interests.

The U.S. knows so well about this. But it is escalating military tension between the two countries by setting up military bases in the waters off Greece. What is its ulterior motive then?

Turkish experts estimated that it is related to the fact that the power balance in the region over the Aegean Sea is leaning towards Türkiye which is emerging as a regional power. They revealed that the U.S. is seeking to create a new military tension in the Aegean Sea so as to draw Türkiye deep into a conflict with Greece. In this way, it seeks to dissipate the power of Türkiye and, at the same time, pursue its goal to strengthen its politico-military supremacy in the region.

All the above facts clearly show that the U.S. is the disturber of the world peace which does not hesitate to commit an extremely dangerous act of laying tinderbox in every part of the world in order to achieve its sinister intention.

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