Press release – Answer by Spokesman for DPRK Ministry of National Defence

A spokesman for the Ministry of National Defence of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Saturday:

At the moment the U.S. nuclear-powered carrier Ronald Reagan task force is being involved in the naval joint mobile drill against the DPRK in the open sea close to the East Sea of Korea, together with the naval warships of the puppet forces of south Korea.

The U.S. sent the nuclear-powered carrier task force to the waters off the Korean peninsula again in just a few days, an event of considerably huge negative splash to the regional situation.

This is a sort of military bluffing meant to issue the so-called warning to the righteous reaction shown by the Korean People’s Army to the extremely provocative and threatening joint military drills of the U.S. and south Korea.

The armed forces of the DPRK are seriously approaching the extremely worrisome development of the present situation.

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