Press release – A Stockpile of Nuclear Materials: For What?

Min Kyong Mu

Researcher of the Institute for Studies of Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Recently, Japan is importing a large amount of mixed-oxide fuel compounded of plutonium and uranium from France.

It is not the first time that Japan imported nuclear materials. It continues to do so behind the signboard of peaceful use.

In the past, Japan imported a huge amount of plutonium from several countries including the UK and France, the total amount of which has already exceeded 40 tons.

The Japanese authorities make lame excuses about its stockpile of nuclear materials saying that it is for scientific research and peaceful operation of nuclear reactor. But such excuses are nothing more than third-rate play on words, only to be taken in by elementary school children.

The experts assert that if it was purely for peaceful nuclear activities, there is no need for Japan to stockpile such large amount of uranium and plutonium which goes far beyond its energy needs.

Then what do we see from excessive stockpile of nuclear materials?

The Japanese government has revealed, on several occasions, its ulterior intension to use nuclear technology and plutonium for military purposes.

Here is a good example. Publishing the new energy and environment policy on September 14, 2012, the Japanese government expressed its will to shut down all nuclear power stations by 2030, with a decision that the nuclear fuel reprocessing factory in Rokkashomura, Aomori prefecture continues its operation.

Japan is quite contradictory to what it says. It says it would continue producing plutonium while saying paradoxically that it would shut down all atomic power plants. It only betrays a deceitful nature of what Japan has claimed to “secure fuel for nuclear reactor”.

The world recognizes that Japan, when it decides to do so, can surely develop and possess nuclear weapons with the technology it has.

It is by no means accidental that Japanese political circles, recently, do not hesitate to say that the “three non-nuclear principles” should be reviewed and “nuclear sharing” be discussed with the U.S.

Japan is just dreaming of becoming a nuclear power.

Japan is now absorbed in the stockpile of nuclear materials. This is aimed at realizing its wild ambition for revanchism by plunging into the path of reinvasion with eventual possession and sway of nuclear weapons.

There is no guarantee that Japan would not undermine peace and stability of the region and bring catastrophe to mankind once again in case it possesses nuclear weapons.

The international society is remaining much more vigilant about Japan’s moves towards nuclear armaments.

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