Press release – Why Cover Up the Sinister Plot

Kil Myong Song

Member of the Korea-Russia Association for Promotion of Exchange and Cooperation


The recent release of the Ukrainian army’s secret plan to use the “dirty bomb” gave rise to grave concern of the international society.

The “dirty bomb” is known to be a kind of low-yield nuclear weapon containing radioactive material in conventional bomb, capable of creating a large area of radioactive contamination by a conventional detonation in midair, instead of nuclear explosion.

According to the data released by Russia, the Zelensky government has already given an order to the nuclear research institute of its state academy of science and eastern ore dressing complex in Dnipropetrovs’k oblast concerning the production of the “dirty bomb” and its progress has reached the final stage.

Military experts have also expressed their views that Ukraine may use its locally-remodeled tactical missile “Tochka-y” as the mean of bomb’s delivery.

Having obtained the information on the criminal plan of Kiev government, Russia promptly informed the U.S., UK and France of it in order to prevent the situation from escalating into an uncontrollable state.

But the response of the Western countries was indeed surprising.

The U.S., UK and France, after receiving Russia’s report on the plan of Ukraine to use the “dirty bomb”, insisted without any reason that Russia’s claim is completely fabricated and even published a so-called joint declaration.

Moreover, the Coordinator for Strategic Communications of the U.S. National Security Council stood for Ukraine saying that it is Russia that attempts to use the “dirty bomb”.

This is indeed the height of U.S. style shamelessness and the most visible manifestation of bloc-forming policy.

When the things come to this pass, we can easily guess how the situation would develop if Ukraine uses the “dirty bomb” in the future.

It is crystal clear that the U.S. and the West would denounce Russia as “nuclear war criminal” and “nuclear terrorist state” in favor of the Zelensky government.

It is not accidental that Russian official figures including foreign minister and spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are now levelling strong criticism at Ukraine, saying that the plan to make a horrific provocation by “dirty bomb” is aimed at laying the responsibility for the use of WMD on Russia.

A Russian political scientist observed that it would be quite possible for Russia to guess the time when the bomb would be used if they keep a close watch on the movement of military instructors and advisers of the U.S. Army in Ukraine as the U.S. has already called for its citizens in Ukraine to leave the country and the Zelensky government cannot use the radioactive bomb before they leave.

Given the behavior of Kiev government which even entrusted its president’s escort to the Western countries, to say nothing of the military training and attack plan, it gives a feeling that the culprit behind the scenario for the use of “dirty bomb” could also be “marionette manipulator” behind the Kiev government.

Time will tell who is right or wrong. The U.S. and the West should bear in mind that they will be subjected to the curse of the international society if they give a tacit approval to Kiev government for its reckless use of WMD.

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