A. Samohin – Attempts to Revise History and the Outcome of World War II. Russian Trace or Reflection on a Given Topic.

The theme of our victory in the World War II became be more and more interesting for foreign politicians and mess media. Our history is studied almost under the microscope, but not for the sake of searching the truth and not for the sake of history itself. The basic idea is to convince the population of their countries and around the world that Hitler’s troops fought with the “bloody Stalin regime “and tried to protect Europe from the “Bolshevik occupation.” Since its inception (i.e. Since the late 1980 ‘s-early 1990-ies.) this spreading neo-Nazism was cloaked by sound slogans “to combat the consequences of Soviet occupation and the vestiges of Stalinism”.

In the new States, dozens of organizations engaged in official and semi-official “studies the history of crimes of totalitarian regimes”. They not only constructing monuments devoted Nazis and nationalists. They are trying to equate to the heroes and the national resistance movements. This “work” has already provided some of the results: the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe had adopted a resolution “on the need for international condemnation of the crimes, Committed by totalitarian communist regimes”, In fact equalizing fascism and communism. But I would like to reflect on why there was such a tendency in these countries, and what role is the new “democratic Russians.”

I would like to point out that all the states where the idea of struggle for « the historical truth » magnificently blossoms, have achieved independence also the national sovereignty only the last century. Practically all period of formation of national consciousness, and this New Time of history, they were a part of three largest monarchy – Russian, German and Austro-hungarian.

Obviously this creates in the minds of the elite not titular nation a handicap, and the desire to “pay back” to the State, and if not, then at least damage the system by demonizing its history. Or is it an influence of absence of actual pride for the own history?

Therefore, the period of the Second World War is the most “heroic” period in their history. Here you can show in all its glory, the fought against Russians “invaders”. Why not a consolation for the political elite of those States. Except for that here there is an important economic factor. And if it will help to break away compensation from Russia, as it happened with Germany, then if you change the consciousness of the winners, the case could reach the revision of boundaries. Besides, all this fuss is supported by the U.S. on an official level.

Since 2008 there was decided to hold an annual “week of enslaved Nations” – to raise awareness of people “living under the rule of Communist and other oppressive regimes” based on United States law on enslaved peoples “, of 1959.

But it seems to me that an important element in the revival of fascism in these countries is their own socialist past. Very afraid political nouveaux riches to lose its warm places, because a considerable part of the population of these countries remember the socialist past and make a comparison with capitalist present. And something tells me that as well as in Russia, this comparison would not be in favor of the new order. That’s why democracy activists fear for their position. Here only one way out- to oppose nationalism to socialism and to adore the anti-communism. And as a result of finding a long-awaited freedom, the leaders of these countries began to praise the former SS members and desecrate monuments to Soviet soldiers

Now in front of our Russian “Westernizers” has become a dilemma – how to behave in this situation? And with Russian President organized the Commission against falsification of history of the Second World War.

I do not envy the members of this committee, and especially to historians. How do they deal with fraud at the same time not to be considered as reactionaries and “defenders of Stalinism”? In fact in Russia on all TV channels and from official tribunes sounds, that in the chapter of Red army there was bloody tyrant Stalin. So, we did not liberators, but invaders who brought the horrors of communism in Europe. And it is not surprising that, That “civilized Europe” has placed the sign equality between nazism and communism. And in support of this, in Russia there occurred another regular commission on “de-Stalinization.”

I would like to ask a question whether we ourselves have made such a difference? Whether the Russian authorities established thesis that we won this war “contrary to” the tyrant Stalin? So he seems in the form of “bad guy” who sits in the Kremlin and only thinks of how to help the Nazis.

It is fashionable to argue that the Soviet people defended their homeland, regardless of the social system. But I want to note the fact when during the First World War, for some reason, the Russian soldiers and Cossacks gave up the front and rear have been literally inundated with military deserters. And the case is not in the atrocities of Nazis, the Germans in 1914 – 1918 did not behave better and not in cunning Bolsheviks – hired by the German General Staff. Probably it was some kind of “Motherland” for which they didn’t want to fight. But the Soviet people defended the socialist system and fought for the socialist motherland. Hence the massive partisan movement, and a very small percentage of collaboration among “the people of the occupied territories of the USSR, in comparison with France, Czech Republic and even in Poland and Yugoslavia.

Whether we ourselves have raised a question abuot moral evaluation of a non-aggression treaty between the USSR and Germany, 1939? Whether the international practice does not know confidential articles to international agreements? Were such agreements concluded by Hitler only with the Soviet Union? Of course not. And the secret articles attached, almost in every contract and during the 1930s. Germany has signed such agreements (with the secret protocols) with all the major European countries.

Poles have made the national and political symbol the Katyn fake -Goebbels. But isn’t it the Russian government has agreed to cast fault for murder of Poles on the country? The so-called “documents on Katyn”, published on the official website of the archive of the President, I have, as a professional historian and lawyer, call just smile. No court in the world, estimated their reputation can stand the conviction on the basis of so-called “documents”

So disappointing conclusion – is a modern Russian government has made a contribution to “fascisation” of post-Soviet countries and the former socialist camp.

Hence, the efforts of the Commission to counter Falsification by giving an objective picture of the history is quite meaningless, because this is not what many, including the government want. In fact the command only on « partial rehabilitation » is given to the Soviet history and only for the period of Great Patriotic War. But sorry ladies and gentlemen, we cannot gloss over one part of the history, continuing to smear others. It turns out that: before the war, everything was bad, then during the war against the Communist Party and Stalin, but thanks to the patriotism of the people, everything became well. And then, after the war, everything has become bad again until we have learned what does true democracy means. Sorry, but this is nonsense.

Attempts to objectively evaluate the role and the. Stalin himself as supreme commander caused whining noise in the environment of “arts ” and “independent” media. Started the talk about creeping Stalinization and immediately arose the project “de-Stalinization” and with heavy pressure and the use of administrative resources.

The authorities tried to explain why the Victory Day was decorated by the banners with a portrait of Stalin. it is done in order not to upset the rest veterans and to not cause split in their environment. But the split has already happened a long time ago. Many of the veterans with whom I spoke expressed their contempt for those of them who every year on Victory Day t roam squares of the country under the Russian tricolor. And one of them even called them traitors memory of the dead comrades. So a split among veterans and among the population of these half-measures cannot be avoided. That is why modern government can not stop the creeping “fascisation” not only in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, but also their own.

It is hard to realize that in the country which won fascism there are fascists. But they appeared here objectively as opposition to communism. In fact, only here at comparison of fascism and communism you could hear, that the fascism even is better, for it does not encroach upon the right of a private property and keeps market economy. But for owners and their psychology fascism is really better, and if it is destroying the competition on racial, religious, political and cultural grounds, then it is invaluable. In cases where you want to save power and property bourgeois state is no less strictly than socialist. The example of Germany when Hitler has been brought in authority as a counterbalance to communism, in my opinion, does not require comments.

The conclusion is clear. The current Russian government, represented by the “democratic” political regime can not stop the creeping fascisation not only in the CIS and foreign countries, but also their own country. Just because it isn’t included in its plans. To be honest, and truthfully describe the period of the great patriotic war then it must be admitted that the war was won not only the heroic people, but also the State led by the Communist Party and Stalin. Next question will be a question about the reasons for the victory, and thus should be subjected to a fundamental revision of the entire pre-war period. In fact in fact Soviet Union had to be at war not only with Germany, but with all incorporated Europe. This requires more perfect economy. After all, no one doubts the thesis that modern warfare is war of economies. And in this war we would have won even without the infamous lend-lease and a second front. The question of why we won, inevitably will lead to the problem of comparing the socio and economic systems and then it is necessary to recognize the superiority of socialism managed to transform world war with economy of all Europe, moreover and with the certain help of the USA, in Patriotic War. Neither imperial, nor the provisional government failed to do this, but the Bolsheviks were able to. And hence what happened in 1930 in the Soviet Union was correct and socialism is not, however, but even more effective operation in terms of the economy and policy. Follow the rehabilitation of socialism it would be logical to admit that “democratic and capitalist Russia” is a step backwards.

Now, think about whether those who has already got the authority, who robbed own people and wants to preserve it, would do this? Certainly not. The conclusion is that the real truth about the Second World War is not necessary first of all to present Russian authority. Much more important to show all the “horrors of totalitarianism”, so that the dirt of modern “the Russia” would shine as anthracit, against such background. Therefore, Stalin and Communism are needed as a scarecrow for the Russian people. The more scary these images, the easier life of those who, first of all, have money and power. That is why I regret our historians. One cannot be half pregnant!


Translated by Osipova Marina, APIR Center

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  1. Jhonny says:

    The D-Day invasion hsetad Germany’s demise, but as someone else pointed out it was also because of a distrust of Stalin.One of the reasons why the US entered the war so late was that they weren’t quite sure who was worse, Hitler or Stalin. In the end I think they trusted Hitler more, at least his ambitions weren’t foreign to him and they figured that they could isolate him in Europe if need be. The Interest in Africa was pretty nil.When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union it became clear to them though that he probably would not stop once he was done in Europe and they figured they did had to contain him.Despite what people seem to think the US and Allies supplied vast amounts of equipment to the red army, from Munition to airplanes in order to help them stop the Nazi incursion into Russia. The opening of the second front to the west additionally drew troops away from the fighting, without it the losses for the Soviets would have been much higher, not to mention they may not have stopped at the Rhine.Both Stalin and Hitler were suspicious of each other, they both were ambitions men and not above shedding some blood to get to their goal, I have to wonder at times if Stalin would have invaded Germany first if the Allies would have sided with Germany, perceiving Stalin as the bigger threat. Something I guess we’ll never know the answer for.As far as modern day Russia goes, I read a few years ago that Russia was utterly disappointed with the US at the end of the Cold War, they had expected to receive aid similar to the Marshall plan that Germany received at the end of WWII, when that didn’t happen I guess a lot of frustration was building up (and I can’t really blame them).As far as the US & Canada are concerned, Russia doesn’t really exist. It is a white spot . What a lot of people know about Russia and the Soviet Union is still heavily cold war influenced, after it ended it pretty much fell from the radar. Europe is a bit more aware of Russian power, not in the least due to the gas war that was waged between Russia and it’s former Satellite states. Germany especially has some concerns despite that they are still building a pipeline to get Siberian gas into Central European homes. In the future, Russia, much like Canada, is probably best suited to weather the changes in political and world climate. They have resources. The only question is: What kind of nation is Putin going to build? Does he (or his successor) want to become another Stalin?

  2. Kheysie says:

    First: I can not disclaim you setnence regarding Soviet invasion of Poland, Romania and Baltic states (but please note Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania asked to trace into USSR themselves. It was made by some kind of constituent assembly which included no Russian at all. It consisted of Estonians, Latvians & Lithuanians)Second: I even can add Russian Winter War (1939-40) against Finland to your accusation.Third: Please clarify what do you mean note the difference with V-E day ? Victory in Europe was on 8th May and in Russia it considered as 9th May. So what? It’s just a difference between Moscow time and Potsdam time. Germany surrender pact was signed at 8th May 11:01 PM (Potsdam) whereas in Moscow it was 9th May 1:01 AM.Russia also supported US in their war against Japan. During the war against Hitler USSR only placed it’s eastern airbases and so on to USA disposal. But in summer 1945 USSR joined America in the war and smashed Japan land forces in China. So what I wanted to tell you: Great Patriotic War was the most important part of WWII especially if you take into consideration the statistics mentioned here in comments.Forth: it was, like, we were living in peace, and got attacked on June 22 . Ok, maybe we have to remind to ourselves the Munich agreements and policy of appeasement? Remember Allys betrayed Czechoslovakia breaking the mutual assistance pact and left it alone face to face with Nazis.Resume: All sides have a pretty much things they want to forget. After all I hope we just must revere ancestry memory. But now please do not misrepresent the facts and do not try to recall any bad sides of Soviet, or American, or another country policy and actions. At least while veterans are alive.

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