Primary Industries Minister to visit Russia, US

By David Carter

Primary Industries Minister David Carter will represent New Zealand at the APEC Food Security Ministerial meeting in Russia next week and travel to the US for a round of high level agriculture meetings.

The APEC meeting in Kazan will focus on a range of issues concerning agricultural productivity, including longer-term investment in sustainable agriculture and the role of international trade in improving food security.

“As a leading food exporter with world-class expertise in agricultural production, New Zealand knows only too well the importance of global food security,” says Mr Carter.

“To this end, New Zealand has taken an active role in promoting multi-country cooperation such as through the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases. We also continue to promote a rules-based trading system to ensure consumers have access to a reliable food supply.”

Mr Carter will travel to Washington DC to meet with a number of political agriculture leaders and industry representatives.

“These meetings will further strengthen the New Zealand-US bilateral relationship and give our two countries the opportunity to discuss issues such as the positive collaboration on research into livestock-generated greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr Carter says.

“I also look forward to discussing with my US counterpart and others the mutual benefits that will be realised through the high quality Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement currently under negotiation.”

Mr Carter will also make a stop in Hong Kong to address an event showcasing New Zealand food and wines.



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