The perspective fight against a new evil

By Alexey Sadovnichyi

The more closely we approach to the nice anniversary of the Victory Day, the more actively politicians aspire to turn this nice date to own advantage, to use it for increase of own image among voters. They want to benefit from everything, that is connected with our history. Look closely and you will see, how one more bugaboo is created today with which the Party of regions will struggle at least all nearest five-years period.

Quite recently the Party of regions, supporting the candidate on elections of the president, affirmed that the presidential decrees of Yushchenko of the appropriation of rank of Hero of Ukraine to Bandera  and Shukhevych would be immediately anniented, as soon as Yanukovych will take an oath. However after the victory of their candidate “Regionals” (the group of nationalists in Ukraine; the translator’s comment ) sharply changed the key in a rhetoric on this question.

For example, Vadim  Kolesnichenko ,the people’s deputy ,publicly confirmed  the information  on  his colleagues of the party that  the presidential decree about an appropriation to ranks of  the hero of Ukraine to Stepan Bandera will not be anniented by Yanukovych. According to the people’s deputy, the  position about  the  reward does not envisage such procedure. It is “possible to abolish the reward, but it will be unfair in relation to the 300 now living heroes of Ukraine. Believe, Yushchenko understood perfectly, that he did, when published the decree. “It is impossible to abolish it legally “, – Kolesnichenko said.

Here so, nothing more or less than. This brings up the question: why have such statement been not sounding  during the elections?  It is so because our veterans to whom the Bandera supporters offered an affront on the eve of Victory Day, would not support Yanukovych. Clear, aspiring to the unification of Ukraine he will forge relationships with its western part. Is that this cost of the compromise? It is possible to lose the southeast in such bargaining.

The very Kolesnichenko, a bit thinking, also told to us, “the poor”, how it is possible to “outwit a situation” and nevertheless to abolish the decrees of Yushchenko. Look, what things are offered to us. According to the people’s deputy it will be difficult for the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists to take away the rank of the hero legally. Therefore “Verkhovnaya Rada” (The  Supreme Ukrainian Parliament (The name of the Parliament in Ukraine; the translator’s comment)  must pass an act about prohibition of rehabilitation and glorification of  the fascist collaborationists of 1933-1945. He underlined that in particular he meant prohibition of rehabilitation to the Organization of the Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian insurgent army.

Kolesnichenko also named the legal complications which Victor Janukovich, elected by the president will feel, if he want to abolish the glorification of Bandera. It will be very difficult for the new president of Ukraine Victor Janukovich For the legal reasons to cancel  the assignment of  the rank “the Hero  of  Ukraine” (commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian insurgent army)) to Novel Shuhevich Stepan Bandera.In fact in the charter of the award of «the Hero of Ukraine» does not register a possibility of a cancelling of the decree about rewarding », — the deputy  told.

According to Kolesnichenko, Yanukovych could make an addition to this charter about the order of a cancelling of rewarding, but, considering that the law does not have the retroactive force.  He cannot use it in those awards which already took place.

«The only output in the circumstances is formation of firm political will in the Parliament and glorification acceptance of the bill of Ukraine «of prohibition of the rehabilitation and glorification of fascist collaborators in 1933 — 1945» — were noted by him.

Here when I am spoken about a necessity of formation of political will for the decision of any question I understand, that it will be lasted for a long time. “The Regionals” ( the group of nationalists in Ukraine; the translator’s comment ) regularly and  unsuccessfully fight against NATO, oppression of the Russian language, the exile of the Black Sea fleet and some others. Currently, the “long- playing” reason for fight against is added in the list of that evil. It is the struggle for a cancelling of the decrees of Yushchenko. Here you can form a political will or can bring laws under this matter.

Actually ,they should be silent when the laws are discussed.. We shall begin with that primarily, Yushchenko was selected unconstitutionally. The”Orange” authority (the opposition Ukrainian party; the translator’s comment) had ruled the country for five years illegally. Legality of the majority of the decrees of Yushchenko does not stand criticism at all — beginning from the decree about the “Rada’s” dissolution and finishing the decree about glorification of the fascist henchmen. The Decrees of Bandera and Shukevich a priori insolvent, and it is necessary to cancel them as illegal. What thing is not clear here?

The anniversary of the Victory Day will be celebrated throughout the world as event of the greatest fairness in the history of the mankind. The misanthropic fascism was crushed and destroyed. All the countries get rid and cleared of the fascist infection. Ukraine owing to Yushchenko heroizes this “filth” (the author’s vulgar word was stayed unchanged). So, what comments are necessary here?


Translated by Irina Kalyuzhnaya, APIR center

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