The united front of the pseudo-historians operates against Russia

By Alexey Tarasov

The theme of the victory of our country in the Great Patriotic war continues to occupy politicians and MASS MEDIA. The scale of that victory was so great, that it upendsed the world picture, – and not at all in behalf on those, who had planned war, had financed and had implemented. If so, there is not only temptation but also direct adjustment for that, to revise these results – if not today, or the next day”, not expressly, so by implication.

The matter of falsification of Russian history is put widely. The specialized structures were established abroad for this purpose. “Historical” claims against Russia from the side of the countries of Central and East Europe have nothing in common with historical science. Certainly, historians can study everything, that they can think anything it pleases – nobody forbids to do it them. But the modern “inspectors are interested in not historical reality with all its details. They have another aims other. They are: total change of consciousness of victorious nation through the re-value of historical realities. So, look, step by step and to matter will reach the revision of borders. « False historical bills » are already delivered to us.

Activity of apologists of “new history” in Europe is not simply great. It took distinct “industrial” forms. So, in Poland, in accordance with the decision of parliament Institute of national memory has operated for two decades already. It has got properties not characteristic for scientific establishment, growing into an original “political police”. The institute initiates cases, accusing the people of collaboration with the “communist special services”. The institute employees act as accusers on trials.

The Institute with the same name was created In Slovakia. It has similar objectives. I.Petransky “the neo-Nazi, was appointed as the main historian” there. Right after the nomination he declared, that “crimes of the Nazis are already enough condemned, and it is necessary to engage in crimes of communists much more densely”.

An analogical institute was established in Romania. Collection and study of documents, and also their publication on questions of evolution of the communist regime included in his tasks.

The Institute of study of the totalitarian regimes was created in In the Czech republic in 2007. The institute is financed by the state. From 1995 the management on documentation and investigation of crimes of communism has operated in Czech Republic. It is a valuable investigative service. His priority directions are an exposure and investigation of the politically motivated crimes of the communist regime.

The Commission of historians operates under the President of the country in Latvia. Its structure includes also A.Zunda, the assistant of the President of Latvia, concerning the issues of history. The Institute of foreign membership was formed. Its problems are maintenance of officials with theses for “occupation” rhetoric and presentation of subjects of “crimes against humanity in Latvia during the Soviet and Nazi occupation” on international scene. The Center of the documentation of consequences of totalitarianism was established under the Bureau on protection of the Constitution o propaganda of subject matter of “an atrocity of National commissariat of Internal Affairs (of the USSR )”, concealment of communications of a management of the Latvian special services with fascist Abwehr (German espionage during the World War II) and Security Service (in Germany) (CD)).

The center of Genocide and Resistance in Lithuania operates active analogical activity The center is a department under the cabinet of ministers, and his director is approved by the Seim on presentation of the prime minister.

In Estonia, the period of ” the Soviet occupation » is investigated by the Estonian international commission aimed at an investigation of crimes against humanity under the President of the Republic, the Center of researches of the Soviet-era, the Estonian bureau of the register of subjected to repression, Kistler-Ritso Fund, as well as the State commission on an investigation of repressive policy of occupation forces. The State commission on an investigation of repressive policy of occupation forces created “the White book about the losses inflicted on people of Estonia by occupations”. It served as the basis for scale anti-Russian campaign, as well as for promotion of requirements to Russia “to undo the damage inflicted by the occupation”. In the end of May, 2008 in Estonia the Fund of investigation of crimes of communism has started to work in Estonia.

Ukraine does not lag behind also. The Ukrainian Institute of the National memory established there, provides “comprehensive studying of struggle for restoration of statehood of Ukraine and realization of actions to perpetuate the memory of the participants of the national liberation struggle, victims of “the Famine-Genocide” and the political reprisals”. The Ukrainian structures most actively work out two basic concepts of the revision of history. First, it is the concept about « the Famine-Genocide”. Secondly, they work out the concept of the the Ukrainian liberation of movement in 1920-1950s, according to which the participants of the liberation of movement are “Sechevye streltsy” (The Ukrainian national military formation in structure of the the Austro-hungarian army, generated from volunteers) (the translator’s comment) and the Ukrainian army organization of Left-bank and Right-bank Ukraine. is given The rehabilitation of the Ukrainian insurgent army is given the special attention. It is characteristic that ,in particular ,the cult of “the Famine-Genocide” is directed to derogation of treatment of the World War II as the fair one from Soviet Union side.

The whole network of “museums of occupation” play a great role in rewriting of history except for research structures .They are: “the Museum of a Genocide” in Lithuania, “the Museum of Occupation” in Georgia, “the Museum of the Soviet occupation of Ukraine” in Ukraine. The basic visitors of museum expositions –youth, the western diplomats and journalists. Visiting of “Museums of occupation” is included in the program of stay of foreign delegations. For example, “the Museum of Occupation of Latvia” is incorporated in the record of the official report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is visited in a mandatory manner by official visitors.

If earlier, the Baltic, the Polish and the Ukrainian structures operated independently from each other, now, plots, which have been being developed earlier in the Ukraine, they are bandied about in the Baltics states. For example, there is the popular concept, according to which the Soviet partisans were occupationists. The idea had been being developed in Ukraine and then, owing to activity of the Lvov Center of researches of insurgent movement, replaced to the Baltic ground. In its turn, the position of reconciliation concerning the Holocaust has been developed in Baltics. The same situation is now observed in Ukraine. It is possible to mention as an instance the works which are devoted to acquit the structures of the Ukrainian insurgent army which are ostensibly not participated in destruction of the Jews. The “special historians” from the Departmental State Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) make every effort to deny the fact of participation of the Ukrainian nationalists in destruction of Jews. That this fact is the enormous array of documents and confessed by the both Israel and European historians is not of importance. The “special historians” are given the “special state order” and they must execute it.

Obviously, the united front of audit of history of the World War II was formed in the Central Europe and in the Post –Soviet territories. It operates at the state level. The discussion about condemnation of “crimes of the communist regime” is developed in the Euro-Parliament.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe accepted the resolution “of the necessity of the international condemnation of the crimes accomplished by totalitarian communist regimes”. In fact, it equalizes fascism and communism. The Euro-Parliament appeals Russia to enter into the dialogue with “the democratic countries” of East Europe on problems of history of the 20th century. The matter of falsification of the Russian history is given the great attention . The specialized structures are established abroad for this purpose. “Historical” claims to Russia from the countries of the Central and the East Europe have nothing to do with the historical science.

The USA supports all this. In 2008 Georges Bush, the US. President officially proclaimed annual “week of enslaved” nations to increase the knowledge of the people lived “under authority of communist and other despotic regimes”.

How can Russia get out of the situation? It is necessary to refuse from vigorously from participation in any actions in connection with restoration of “financial-historical fairness”. It is also possible to talk seriously to people who prefer making presentation of claims, like that Poland tries to expose to us for ostensibly caused damage.

It is not so difficult to count up and expose the appropriating counterclaim. How much money must this country pay for deliverance of occupation? How much will the shameful and crime history with Anders’s created and the army, created for our money and equipped in territory of Soviet Union , as well as for post-war restoration of economy of Poland , cost for them? Only the mine clearing by the Soviet armies of the pool of Vistula and Polish part of the aquatorium of the Baltic sea will take “the round sum”.

We have taken on trust to everything that will be told to us about us. Probably, all this is not so bad far forth, as far as, it characterizes us as conscientious people.

We are ready to remember, speak and write about own unjustified victims as if the justified victims have never existed at all. The fact that, at all times Russia gained victories over enemies due to strategy of “the burnt ground”, supported by the tactics of “a human wave” meant that anybody never spared human lives for achievement of success became the common stamp.

How much objective are our near and far neighbours in an assessment of historical situations? How much are they inclined to mention facts, instead of propaganda cliches?

The excuses of their defeats by a great amount of enemies repeatedly surpassing on the number of courageous « soldiers of the civilization » were cultivated in the Europe during millenniums. The most known display of this phenomenon is fantastic exaggeration by Greeks of number of the Persian armies by the Greeks, but this tradition roots still further, in the epoch of Herodotus when the Scythians had destroyed the united armies of world civilizations in the Black Sea prairies. Since then crowds of the “wild Scythians” constantly had been being seemed and till now, probably, have seemed to Europeans.




Translated by Kalyuzhnaya Irina, APIR Center

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