Results of the Summit are successful. Opposition upset and silent

On the eve of the APEC Summit in the media and in blogs spread a lot of lies. Results of the Summit was very successful for Russia – this is recognized even by attributed Opponents. Let us examine carefully two blends that enemies of our prosperity country tried to gullible readers.

Greater lie number one: the Summit cost 600 billion roubles. Headlines variants: “Summit cost more than the Olympic Games in London,” “the Summit cost more than the Russian education”.

The truth: money were not spent on the Summit, but on infrastructure development in Vladivostok.

Russian city – outpost on the Pacific Ocean and the Far East catastrophically forgone federal money for many years.

It can be said that the current investments are returns of the accumulated debts. Imagine Moscow without the Garden Ring or the Third, and the only airport with a narrow road. And there is no road from Moscow to Zelenograd. This infrastructure was in Vladivostok until the completion of the bridge construction, reconstruction of the airport and the road network. Where the money was spent, quite simply learn from Wikipedia. The expenses directly to the Summit amounted to a small fraction of the cost of development of the city of Vladivostok. And, by the way, the State budget spent only a third part of it — the bulk of the expenses were paid by large corporations.

Greater lie number two: the Summit — the senseless action which has been called up to “gratify vanity” of organizers.

The truth: Results of the Summit undoubtedly are positive for Russia. Let’s list the major:

1) Approval to reduce tariffs on environmental goods and the obligation to refrain growth of protective import duties until 2015.

2) Topic of Transpacific Partnership has not received the support. Initiated by the United States in 2009, a possible agreement on free trade between nine developed APEC economies, in which Russia was not called.

3) Japan has agreed to participate in a Russian project to export liquefied natural gas from Russia’s Vladivostok LNG. An agreement on rail transport was conducted between the EAST and the Mitsui Group.

Perhaps, for some success of the summit came as a surprise. But any attributed person could not deny it.

There were a lot of lies, less about the unreliability of all completed projects (Based on a single case of damage of improperly fortified section of the road), the biggest thief during the building (with no evidence), on the meaninglessness of such infrastructure costs (tell this to the residents of Vladivostok). But the success of the Summit dashed all efforts spiteful critics.


Less time left before the Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi. I would recommend anyone who is responsible for PR activities to study carefully the cases happened in the media and blogs around the APEC summit and consider methods of dealing with the most obvious information attacks. Because the Olympics will be slandered stronger, but with the same methods.

The truth: money were not spent on the Summit, but on infrastructure development in Vladivostok.

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