Материалы: ‘Russia and international ecological organizations’

Nelly Segisova – COMMENT: Russia gradually greening with smart technology and cooperation

Sustainable development in Russia has grown increasingly important in recent years as the government seeks to modernise the economy and lessen the country’s heavy reliance on extractive industries in the energy and mining sectors. Reforms have been happening through legislation, civil society initiatives and greener business practices, but there is still a long way to […]

Yes, Putin’s a brute, but it’s Greenpeace who are the bigger menace to our future

By Dominic Lawson Greenpeace, the world’s biggest and most battle-hardened environmental campaigning organisation, is in a state of shock. Last week, Russian investigators said that they had found ‘narcotic substances’ on board Arctic Sunrise, the Greenpeace vessel they seized after its crew had used it in an attempt to storm an oil rig of the […]

Tsukanov S.S. – Problems of ecological security in the Russian Far East

In January of 2013 the head of the Russian government D.A. Medvedev conducted a meeting on the environment issues. He urged the government to continue taking measures to decrease negative effects on the environment, preserve and restore the unique natural resources and systems as well as increase ecological control and order in this sphere.  The […]

Old-growth intact problems of Russian forest policy

by D.F. Efremov Recently, the draft of Russian Forest Policy has been published on the website of the Federal Forestry Agency – a very urgent and expected document. Based upon its status, it is not yet final version and that, what its final editorial would be, depends on extensive participation of the professional forestry community […]