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Meeting of APIR Center with colleagues in Republic of Korea

From 17 to 24 February 2014 Director of Asia-Pacific International Relations Study Center ( Khabarovsk ) Valery Timoshenko together with  the expert of the  Center Alexander Ivanov visited Republic of Korea to establish scientific contacts. For Russian scientists studying Russia interaction with Asia Pacific, especially with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, is one […]

South Korea is Center Stage

By Arthur I. Cyr Nuclear threats and rocket rattling by North Korea make news as well as noise, but peaceful, positive developments associated with South Korea are more significant for the Korean Peninsula, Asia and the world at large. Soon after the inauguration of young Kim Jong-un as leader of North Korea, Pyongyang announced jointly […]

Alexandr Ivanov – South Korea-Japanese Relations Through the Prism of the Territorial Dispute over the Island of Dokdo (Takeshima)

Recently, in political circles is widely exaggerated the issue of disputed territories. Each time a scheduled visit of Russian leaders in Japan, there is always looked forward to negotiate with Russia over the transfer of Kuril Islands to Japan. During a recent visit to Japan, Prime Minister Putin and his talks with Taro Aso, the […]