Материалы: December, 2021

A.V. Alepko – The Philippines in the second world war

The history of the Philippines during the Second World War, and especially during the Japanese occupation, is perhaps insufficiently studied in historiography today. And in foreign, mainly in American historiography, prevail tendentious assessments of US military operations in the Philippines, as well as the so-called “outstanding” role of the United States in the liberation of […]

Valery Tymoshenko – Soviet-Chinese relations in the 30s of the 20th century and fate of the Northeast United Army

In September 1931, the Tanaka Memorial was published in the “China Critic” magazine. In 1927, Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka Giichi laid out for Emperor Hirohito a strategic world conquest document. The document stated that in order to take over the world, Japan needs to take over Asia; In order to take over Asia, Japan needs […]

Maxim O. Vafin – The fight against the theft of socialist property in the territories bordering with China in August 1945

Abstract: The article analyzes the causes, conditions and features of economic crime, as well as state measures to counter it in the territories bordering with China in the Far East of the USSR, during the Great Patriotic War and the war with Japan. The author places the greatest emphasis on the period of the Soviet-Japanese […]