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“Russian entry is prohibited.” Camp No. 16 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Khabarovsk Territory. Nuances and details of the repatriation of Japanese prisoners of war in 1956

Dorokhov Vyacheslav Zhorzhovich, the deputy chief of faculty of socially-humanitarian and economic disciplines of Far Eastern Law Institute Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the PhD in Historical sciences, docent. Russia, Khabarovsk Abstract. With the surrender of Japan, more than half a million soldiers of the Kwantung Army were captured by the Red […]

The Khabarovsk trial in the reflection of foreign historiography.

A trial was held in Khabarovsk to prosecute the leaders of the Japanese bacteriological programme from December 25 to December 30 in 1949. Since 1932 the Japanese military established a network of scientific institutions where medical human experimentation was conducted with intent to develop bacteriological weapons in the puppet state of Manchukuo. The Khabarovsk trial […]

The defeat of the Japanese troops in the Zhangjiakou (Kalgan) area. Soviet-Chinese cooperation at the final stage of World War II

Translation of thereport Datsyshen Vladimir Siberian Federal University; Institute for Demographic Research–Branch of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University Dai Jianbing Doctor of History, Professor, Hebei Normal University The issuesrelated to the Soviet-Mongolian offensive on Kalgan (Zhangjiakou) remain faintly studiedin the history of […]

Kryuchkova V.F. – No statute of limitations: solving the crimes of the past in the age of new technologies

The article is devoted to the modern possibilities of investigating crimes of past years, including the crimes of the Great Patriotic War. Keywords: crimes of past years, resonant crimes, mass murders, investigation of serious / particularly serious crimes «New criminal cases on previously not investigated crimes of the Great Patriotic War, including mass murders, are […]

A.L. Anisimov – On some directions of falsification of the history of the Soviet-Japanese war of 1945

Abstract: The article analyzes such directions of falsification of the history of the Soviet-Japanese war of 1945 as: US President F.D. Roosevelt sought to “draw the USSR into the war against Japan”; during the war in the Pacific and Europe, Japan “did not think of a ‘northern option’ of aggression; The Soviet Union began the […]

A.V. Alepko – The Philippines in the second world war

The history of the Philippines during the Second World War, and especially during the Japanese occupation, is perhaps insufficiently studied in historiography today. And in foreign, mainly in American historiography, prevail tendentious assessments of US military operations in the Philippines, as well as the so-called “outstanding” role of the United States in the liberation of […]

Valery Tymoshenko – Soviet-Chinese relations in the 30s of the 20th century and fate of the Northeast United Army

In September 1931, the Tanaka Memorial was published in the “China Critic” magazine. In 1927, Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka Giichi laid out for Emperor Hirohito a strategic world conquest document. The document stated that in order to take over the world, Japan needs to take over Asia; In order to take over Asia, Japan needs […]

Maxim O. Vafin – The fight against the theft of socialist property in the territories bordering with China in August 1945

Abstract: The article analyzes the causes, conditions and features of economic crime, as well as state measures to counter it in the territories bordering with China in the Far East of the USSR, during the Great Patriotic War and the war with Japan. The author places the greatest emphasis on the period of the Soviet-Japanese […]

80th Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre: Political Backgroun

Vladimir Terekhov From the position of assessing the political situation developing in the APR, the character of the next commemoration for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in China is of interest. Since 2014, this event was designated to be officially to be carried out on December 13. It was this day in 1937, that […]

The story of the Abbott government

by Peter Hartcher November 29 to December 3. Sense of mission: Abbott took to national security with table-thumping zeal, much to the chagrin of agency heads and ministers. Malcolm Turnbull was nothing if not forthright in telling Tony Abbott his shortcomings. On one occasion, Turnbull found himself in an Adelaide pub drinking beer with a […]