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2nd wave of COVID-19 has broken out, but less worrying than first


As temperatures drop in the northern hemisphere, a rebound of coronavirus has been observed in many parts of the world, bringing a second wave of the global COVID-19 pandemic, former head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told the Global Times on Sunday. This time, however, will be less worrying, she […]

Vanessa Molter. Pandemics & Propaganda: How Chinese State Media Shapes Conversations on The Coronavirus.

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The perception of China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been a significant challenge for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the past two months. The CCP has been attempting to control the narrative and deflect blame since the start of the outbreak, both domestically and abroad. It has done this by drawing on its […]

Olga Zalesskaya – Chinese migrants in the Soviet Far East during industrialization

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SUMMARY: The important component of the Far East in the period of industrialization were Chinese migrants. In the Soviet Far East there was a considerable amount of the Chinese population constantly. In the article the author considers the ways and the methods of attraction of Chinese labor into the Soviet Far East, analyzes the distribution of […]

The importance of the US as a Chinese export market is declining – Ministry of Commerce of China


In this article, the Deputy Minister of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Shouven, made a statement that the United States is decreasing in importance as an export market for China, despite the fact that it remains an important export market for China. Wang Shawawn notes that 20 years ago in 1999, US […]

80th Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre: Political Backgroun


Vladimir Terekhov From the position of assessing the political situation developing in the APR, the character of the next commemoration for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in China is of interest. Since 2014, this event was designated to be officially to be carried out on December 13. It was this day in 1937, that […]

Why Russia is arming China


Visit of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in China has completed the process of registration of “special status” of China as a strategic partner and opened her access to domestic critical military technologies of the first level. As a result, Beijing will get to explore and further copying of small batches of […]

Andrew Korybko – Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership Goes Global : Washington’s Nightmare


The Russian-Chinese strategic partnership (RCSP), indoctrinated in 1996, is Eurasia’s geopolitical anchor in the 21st century, shaping its evolution and entrance into the Multipolar World. No other political relationship between the two continents’ actors even comes close, with the RCSP’s only formidable rival being the US via its privileged military alliances with NATO, the Gulf […]

An Zhao Zhen – An effective way to improve overall economic relations Between China and the Russian Federation

In August 2012 Russia officially became a WTO member. In March 2013 President Xi Jinping successfully visited Russia. Nowadays relations between China and Russia are in the best stage in history. Comprehensive increase of economic cooperation between China and Russia is facing important strategic opportunities, as well as many challenges. It is necessary to use […]

China: Superpower or Superbust?

AS IF a global financial-market meltdown, the deepest U.S. recession in seventy years, an existential crisis in the euro zone and upheaval in the Middle East hadn’t already created enough trouble for one decade, now the unrest and anxiety have extended to some of the world’s most attractive emerging markets. Just in the past few […]

Why Russia Is ‘China In Reverse’

In the fun-house mirror of the global economy, Russia is the mirror opposite of China. China consumers are the driving force behind the market. Russian consumers are hobbling along and maybe stuck in a middle income trap. China needs less investment. Russia needs more. China used to be all about infrastructure investment: new roads, new […]