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Why Russia is arming China

Visit of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in China has completed the process of registration of “special status” of China as a strategic partner and opened her access to domestic critical military technologies of the first level. As a result, Beijing will get to explore and further copying of small batches of […]

Andrew Korybko – Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership Goes Global : Washington’s Nightmare

The Russian-Chinese strategic partnership (RCSP), indoctrinated in 1996, is Eurasia’s geopolitical anchor in the 21st century, shaping its evolution and entrance into the Multipolar World. No other political relationship between the two continents’ actors even comes close, with the RCSP’s only formidable rival being the US via its privileged military alliances with NATO, the Gulf […]

An Zhao Zhen – An effective way to improve overall economic relations Between China and the Russian Federation

In August 2012 Russia officially became a WTO member. In March 2013 President Xi Jinping successfully visited Russia. Nowadays relations between China and Russia are in the best stage in history. Comprehensive increase of economic cooperation between China and Russia is facing important strategic opportunities, as well as many challenges. It is necessary to use […]

China: Superpower or Superbust?

AS IF a global financial-market meltdown, the deepest U.S. recession in seventy years, an existential crisis in the euro zone and upheaval in the Middle East hadn’t already created enough trouble for one decade, now the unrest and anxiety have extended to some of the world’s most attractive emerging markets. Just in the past few […]

Why Russia Is ‘China In Reverse’

In the fun-house mirror of the global economy, Russia is the mirror opposite of China. China consumers are the driving force behind the market. Russian consumers are hobbling along and maybe stuck in a middle income trap. China needs less investment. Russia needs more. China used to be all about infrastructure investment: new roads, new […]

With Russia in Middle East, China Claims Central Asia

Moscow’s diplomatic push in the Middle East will fail, even as it loses influence in more vital regions. Russia’s Middle East policy is all the rage these days. An article in the Washington Post on Tuesday notes what we at The Diplomat have long been discussing: Moscow’s diplomatic offensive in the Middle East region. The […]

Red Tide

Just how strong is China’s navy, really? In late July, Chinese President Xi Jinping shared his views on sea power and maritime territorial disputes. Beijing is amenable to “shelving disputes and carrying out joint development” in waters such as the South China Sea, where, according to the official line, it enjoys “indisputable sovereignty.” It will […]

V.O. Kistanov – Japan is looking for partners all around the world for counteraction to the “Chinese threat”

During the last three years the territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing about belonging of desert Senkaku islands (Diaoyu in Chinese) in the East China Sea has gained an unprecedented intensity. What is focused on in it is quickly strengthening economic and military and political rivalry between two Asian giants: the old one – Japan, […]

Russia to boost military cooperation with China

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he will boost military cooperation with China, including holding more joint exercises, after the United States announced plans to shift most of its warships to the Asia-Pacific by 2020. Putin referred to recent Sino-Russian joint navy exercises in the Yellow Sea as an example of military cooperation which, […]

China and Russia launch navy drills in Yellow Sea

China and Russia launched their first joint naval exercises on Sunday in the Yellow Sea off the east coast of China. China has 16 naval vessels and two submarines taking part in the exercises while Russia has four warships, according to state media. They will focus on joint air defence, anti-submarine tactics and search and […]