United States does not allow Japan to develop bilateral relations with Russia

AccordingKyodo news agency the government of Japan said that the decision to cancel an official visit of the President of Russia to Japan was made under pressure from Washington. Japan had to take into account the requirement of Obama not to carry out a bilateral meeting with the Russian leader and to show solidarity with the Western countries imposing sanctions against Russia due to its position in Kiev operation in Novorossia. It is also unclear the fate of visit  Japan Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida to Russia, which was to precede the Vladimir Putin trip and was planned for the spring of 2014, but then was postponed indefinitely.

The geopolitical situation in the world today is that small and proud Japan, as an economically developed country, can not, however, ignore the persistent signals their powerful Western partners. Japanese authorities had the discretion to postpone the introduction of a new package of sanctions against Russia, which was announced earlier, but completely ignore the demands of Obama, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was not able.

In this case, the Japanese minister does not want to spoil the bilateral relations between Japan and Russia. In a telephone conversation with President Vladimir Putin on September 21, he assured him of his strong commitment to continue a constructive dialogue. Secretary-General of the Government of Japan Ёsihide Suga said that during this telephone conversation, Abe also invited Vladimir Putin to “use the arena of international events such as the APEC summit to be held in Beijing in November 2014 for conduct a bilateral meeting. “Also, according to Japanese media quoted Japanese Defence Minister, the Japanese Navy did not want to abandon the joint exercises with the Russian Pacific Fleet in late September 2014.

Japanese can understand: they do not want to spoil relations with the powerful Western countries, but the country’s leaders is well aware that cooperation with Russia, as the nearest neighbor and one of the key players in the Asia-Pacific Region is important for Japan. And the country’s leaders has to maneuver among diplomatic reef, feeling themselves at the same time between the hammer and the anvil.

The Kremlin press service reported that the telephone conversation between Putin and Abe was fruitful and the parties agreed “to continue the bilateral contacts at various levels.” However, for the politically correct diplomatic terms, Japan should grasp that it short-sighted political decisions taken at the behest of Washington, can leave it behind in the process of making key decisions in the Asia-Pacific region. China and Russia do not miss an opportunity to further strengthen and develop its close economic and political cooperation, both within APEC, and, first of all, within the BRICS.

Source: Central News Agency Novorossia


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