Board meeting APIR Center A.V.Alepko with scientists of the Republic of the Philippines

September 9, 2014 in South-East State University of the Philippines at a roundtable Center for Political Studies and Doctorate Course teachers of philosophy of Davao specializing in the study of international relations was made Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Member of the Board APIR Center AV Alepko a presentation on “International relations in the Asia-Pacific region Russia after the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.”.


In the international scientific forum was attended by PhD Professor Sofremiano Antipolo vice-director of the Philippine Center for International Political Studies in Mindanao, Ph.D. Soe Hardy Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Davao, Ph.D. Paradise Susulan representative of the Ministry of Social Development of the Philippines, Ph.D. Rhea Rintaro-Mapanao dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University Ateneo in Davao, Ph.D. Mayan Kozo Director of the Information technology Research and Mindanao state University, Ph.D. Rina Kvilistino professor at the University of Mindanao and other teachers from the University of the Philippines.

As a research assistant and interpreter at the same time professor Alepko AV acted as a candidate of historical sciences Sabaldan NA Japanese language teacher and humanities Japanese Daigaku College in Davao.

Meeting of scientists took place on solid scientific level. After the report began substantive discussion. She addressed the issue of secret development of biological weapons in some countries, the problem of ownership of the Kuril Islands, the lessons of the Second World War for the Asia-Pacific countries, issues of international cooperation and shared by all – the problem of preserving peace in the region.

After the meeting, AV Alepko held talks with the vice-director of the Center for International Studies of Mindanao on scientific cooperation with the Center for International Relations in the Asia-Pacific Region (APIR Center). Had reached a preliminary agreement on cooperation.

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