Press release – Indo-Pacific Region Is Changing into Forefront of New Cold War

Ri Myong Hak Researcher, Institute for Disarmament and Peace,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


The situation in the Indo-Pacific region is getting ever more unstable by the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy.

The U.S. conducted bilateral training with Japan Maritime “Self-Defense Force” (JMSDF) in the Philippine Sea from May 24 to 26.

It is said that USS “Ronald Reagan” Carrier Strike Group and the warships of JMSDF participated in the training where exercises were conducted to enhance interoperability and surface operations.

This training was in the limelight of the international attention as it coincided with the “Quad” Summit fabricated by the U.S. to maintain its hegemony in the Indo-Pacific region.

At the “Quad” Summit held on May 24, the U.S. stated its position that it will respect so-called freedom, rule of law, democratic values and freedom of navigation and that it will jointly cope with any unilateral attempt hindering the peace and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region and the world. Through this, the U.S. revealed itself that the bilateral training serves its hegemonic policy.

In January, the U.S. conducted a bilateral exercise between the U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carriers “Carl Vinson” and “Abraham Lincoln” and JMSDF in the waters off Okinawa, Japan. After that, it sent two nuclear-powered aircraft carrier strike groups into the South China Sea to conduct a maritime exercise. In February, it staged a joint maritime exercise codenamed “Noble Fusion” with JMSDF. In March, it conducted an electronic warfare exercise with JMSDF. Like this, the U.S. waged war exercises more than ten times in the Pacific Ocean this year alone.

The U.S. is also planning to conduct the world’s largest-scale Exercise “Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC)” in the coming August.

In January, the British newspaper “Financial times” has reckoned 3 motive forces – strong military strength, position of key currency state and joint military exercises with its allies – enabling it to maintain its hegemonic position in the world. It also asserted that Exercise “RIMPAC”, in particular, plays a very important role in maintaining the military hegemony of the U.S.

Due to the aggressive and hegemonic Indo-Pacific strategy of the U.S., the region is being exposed to the constant danger of military conflicts. This, in turn, is of negative influence to the Korean peninsula.

Recently, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China criticized the U.S. for organizing “Quad” and “AUKUS”, and seeking after its containment and exclusive policy of building a “small fence” and a new cold war.

The world should discern who is the real culprit of violating peace, and remain vigilant about the military moves of the U.S.

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