Press release – Disturber of Global Peace and Stability

Ra Guk Chol Researcher of the Institute for Studies of Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK


With each passing day, Japan is exceeding the limits in its move to join in the war disturbing the global peace and stability.

Japanese government is now reviewing the revision of the “three principles of defense equipment transfer” to enable it to export not only defense equipment but also lethal weapons such as weapons and ammunitions.

Prior to this, Japan provided Ukraine, in the name of “assistance”, with drones that can be used for military purpose in April, to say nothing of a large quantity of conventional equipment. This has aroused public criticism at home and abroad.

Japan is taking advantage of the Ukrainian crisis to review the revision of the “three principles of defense equipment transfer” and this is an extremely dangerous move to openly participate in the war.

If Japan’s export of weapons becomes a reality, it is crystal clear that it will foster bloodshed and conflict in the troubled areas, and plunge the world into a whirlpool of greater tension.

Japan’s weapon export also has its danger in expanding its munitions industry so that Japan can go to reinvasion.

The world vividly remembers the fact that Japan defeated in the 2nd World War was turned into an armory for the U.S., supplied vast amount of war materials, and opened the road to revival of militarism at the cost of blood of millions of Koreans.

The reality clearly shows that Japan, which is in a bid to revise the “three principles of defense equipment transfer”, is indeed one of the culprits disturbing the global peace and stability.

The world should stand alert to Japan’s reckless moves to participate in the war.

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