Press release – Whom Does This Expansion of Military Blocs Aim at?

Kim Yong Ho

Secretary General Korea-Russia Association for Promotion of Exchange and Cooperation

Recently, a consultative meeting on national security was held in Khabarovsk, Russia.

At the meeting, the Secretary of Security Council of the Russian Federation blamed the NATO for making continuous provocation in the areas near the western border of Russia. At the same time, he criticized “AUKUS” for aggravating the regional situation in the eastern region.

Given that the U.S. and its following forces are tightening the encirclement ring around Russia from all sides, the Far Eastern region should not slacken vigilance and make itself prepared for the U.S. military moves, he emphasized.

This should be said as a correct judgment and a right decision on the ever-worsening military moves of the U.S. against Russia.

The U.S. is now trying to spread a global military encirclement net by expanding and linking together the U.S.-led military blocs such as “AUKUS”, “Quad” and “Five Eyes”.

This has been substantiated by the fact that the U.S. recently summoned the authorities of Japan and south Korea to the NATO summit for the first time in history and urged them to form “security partnership” with NATO.

Whom the U.S. military move aims at is not a subject for question or debate.

The military scheme of the U.S. is to expand the operational range of NATO, the tool for realizing its hegemonic strategy and the headquarters of local invasion, into the Asia-Pacific region as well as North Atlantic to contain the anti-imperialist countries and big powers in the region, thus maintaining the hegemonic position at all costs.

The U.S. is causing a constant threat to security environment of Russia with its dangerous military confrontation. In response to this, Russia is taking a series of practical measures to firmly safeguard the country’s security.

To name a typical example, Russia conducted in early June this year a large-scale maritime military exercise in the waters off the Pacific with the participation of 40-odd warships including the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov”, 20 fighter planes and helicopters. It also plans to newly commission 3 submarines to the Pacific Fleet by the end of this year.

The U.S. act of threatening sovereign states by forming “Asian version of NATO” will only whip up a strong rebuff and countermeasures from the countries in the region that are trying to safeguard the security and peace of the region.

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