Press release – American “Aid” and “Investment” are Only the Bait for Interference in Internal Affairs

Ri Song Il

Member of Korea-Africa Association


At the recent G7 Summit, the U.S. president Biden said that the U.S. would invest US$ 200 billion in the next five years to help build the infrastructure of developing countries including African countries.

This shows that the U.S. is offering “aid” and “investment” again as the bait to interfere in the internal affairs of these countries with little effort by taking advantage of the current serious economic crisis in Africa.

It is a well-known fact that the U.S. historically abused its “aid” and “investment” as a means of political domination and interference in the internal affairs of developing countries including African countries.

This has been substantiated by cut-off of its aid to the power generation sector of Tanzania in March 2016 over an alleged “opacity” of local election in this country and suspension of the agreed program to invest in communication field of Ethiopia in May 2021 over its “human rights issue”.

When he announced the investment program this time, he stressed again that these countries would get tangible benefits only when they work together with a “democratic state”.

This, in a word, means that only the country standing on side of the U.S. can receive an “investment”.

Even the Western experts criticize the U.S. for pursuing its sinister political purposes by offering the carrots of “aid” and “investment” in order to increase the U.S. influence and achieve its foreign policy on the relevant country and region.

The change of century and generation took place. But what does not change is the sinister intention of the U.S. which uses “aid” and “investment” as the bait to put other countries under a yoke. If anything changed, it is the U.S. trick that has become craftier.

Such American deceptive method does not work anywhere today.

Now, state leaders and political figures from many countries in the region unanimously emphasize that, instead of harboring any false hope on the U.S. “aid” and “investment”, they should resolve the African issues in their own way and that, to this end, they should give precedence to the efforts for building up their own strength.

Following the operation of the African Continental Free Trade Area, notable successes have been achieved in the work for independent development of the continent, including active socio-economic contacts and cooperation between countries through sub-regional organizations.

We will actively support and encourage African countries in their efforts to achieve independent development and prosperity with the united strength of the continent.

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