Dai Xu – China and Russia should be isolated and surrounded the U.S. alliance to break the resistance killing the weak U.S.

Just entered 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama announced a focus on China and Iran’s new military strategy. Then announced that the U.S. side of the provocation and the Philippines in the South China Sea, China’s exercises, while three aircraft carriers cruising the Persian Gulf; EU has also announced the oil embargo against Iran. United States and Europe on Iran’s military, political, economic and diplomatic encirclement, has been completed. And to deter China, the nature of the so-called attack on Iran as the new military strategy, this also gloves came off.

This looks to Russia’s new military strategy lightly, but in the recent “Russian Winter”, the United States to return to the Kremlin for Putin’s strong guard has fully exposed the heart, which is also well aware of Russia . This is Russia suddenly force resolutely opposes the U.S. military action against Iraq, and the firm announced the sale of aircraft to Syria in preparation for sale of air defense missiles to Iran cause.

Strategy to conquer the world in the United States on board, the main battlefield of the Eurasian continent is currently undergoing isolated and surrounded, and integrated powerful Russia is the last strategic objectives. Connected to the same fate as the stakeholders, as an important mission for world peace to take the two big countries, China and Russia need to join forces to stop killing the weak U.S. empire-building behavior and strategic ambitions.

Can say that Russia is close to the inevitable result of U.S. strategic extrusion is essential both for its own survival strategy of choice. Comprehensive look at the current balance of power from China and Russia have a single huge gap with the United States, and unite it with great strength. Economically speaking, China and Russia there is a natural complement each other to avoid the blockade and the U.S. energy market restrictions. Eurasian Economic Community in the United States and Europe to reduce dependence on the post, will result in greater political autonomy. From the military said, a vast territory, population, large number of troops, and both are world-recognized nuclear powers, the United States led NATO can not even constitute a valid geographic encirclement. The most important is that China and Russia are the most solid political Eurasia plate, have a long history of civilization, and a complete system of industrial and agricultural base, the two sides once the joint, not only to promote security and development in their respective countries, Iran and also to attract Pakistan joined other countries in Eurasia, the United States of Eurasia strategic attempt to divide and conquer bankruptcy.

Out of the heavy memory of the Cold War, some people think that open to an alliance of Russia’s move, especially now with the United States to accept the extreme hostility of chilly relations with the United States and Iran, Pakistan, will trigger a new Cold War. In fact, this is a Saddam-style attempt to “clean” begging the United States tolerate the idea of ​​wait to die.

Today’s world, the United States is the world’s largest country alliance. The other big countries in the Non-Aligned little, even if called non-aligned India, also participated in many various forms invisible alliance. Therefore, China and Russia do not have too many concerns. Security is higher than the temporary economic interests, and now hold together for warmth is the lowest cost option.

China should re-examine the Cold War non-alignment policy changes to the economic perspective, the desire for peace deal with the practice of international affairs, the height from the planning of national grand strategy the way forward. The author suggested that active offensive defense at sea while the hinterland of the Eurasian continent to the implementation of the western “Long March”, the purpose is space for time, through a strategic deal to resolve the United States naked containment for modernization to gain more opportunities for development.

Russia’s hand with the 21st century, there is a basic safeguard world peace. Latin America is a great Eurasian power of Community aid, Africa is the strength of this friendship and alliance, Asia will have many supporters. Brzezinski said, “will co-Eurasia American nightmare,” he was referring to political power, once the integration of Eurasia, the United States will dominate the global strategy into a failure situation. The today’s “Spartan” militant state, may be another way of thinking and way of life. China and Russia should let the meat of the “Jaguar” learn grazing. Both for the United States or the world, which Obama than hanging around the neck in a sense the Nobel Peace Prize medal.

Author: Dai Xu Peking University’s China Center for Strategic Studies Research Fellow

Original: http://rus.ruvr.ru/2012/01/30/64906100.html

Translation from Russian by Marina Osipova, APIR Center

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