China, Russia in Asia-Pacific agreement

By Agencies

China and Russia have agreed to strengthen cooperation to safeguard the common interests of countries in Asia and the Pacific, according to a joint statement issued on Wednesday.

The statement was released during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s three-day state visit to China, where he will attend the 12th Meeting of the Council of Heads of Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization being held in Beijing on Wednesday and Thursday.

“The two sides stressed that the Asia-Pacific region has been playing an increasingly important role in global affairs,” said the statement.

It continued that the two sides welcome integration and multilateral cooperation in the region, which is conducive to the multipolarization and democratization of international relations and maintaining peace and stability in the region

However, the Asia-Pacific region still faces many challenges and threats, which calls for joint efforts by all the countries in the region, warned the statement.

China and Russia believe it is a priority task for the two sides to enhance coordination and make joint efforts to pursue security and sustainable development in the region to safeguard the common interests of all the nations concerned, it added.



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