January 26, 2013 – APIR Center Meeting members with Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Japan in the Russian Federation, Minister Mr.Keiji Ide

January 26, 2012 took place a meeting of the staff of the Asia-Pacific International Relations Study Centre with the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Japan in Russian Federation, Mr. Minister Mr. Keiji Ide bound to Vladivostok on the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum.

On the Japanese side the meeting was attended by Mr. Ide and Vice Consul Consulate of Japan in Khabarovsk Mr. Tsuyoshi Fukaya. APIR Center was introduced by the Director Valeriy Tymoshenko and expert Andrei  Samokhin. The meeting was held in an informal atmosphere.

Japanese side was interested in international relations in the Asia-Pacific region, in particular the question of the establishment of the Russian-Chinese border. In an open dialogue between the parties exchanged views on the issues.

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