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Russia, China mock divide and rule

By Pepe Escobar ROME and BEIJING – The Roman Empire did it. The British Empire copied it in style. The Empire of Chaos has always done it. They all do it. Divide et impera. Divide and rule – or divide and conquer. It’s nasty, brutish and effective. Not forever though, like diamonds, because empires do […]

Westward ho on China’s Eurasia BRIC road

By Pepe Escobar onMarch 21, 2015 “…it is imperative that no Eurasian challenger (to the U.S.) emerges capable of dominating Eurasia and thus also of challenging America” Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard, 1997 What’s in a name, rather an ideogram? Everything. A single Chinese character – jie (for “between”) – graphically illustrates the key foreign […]

Pepe Escobar in eastern Ukraine: Howling in Donetsk

Asia Times’ roving correspondent Pepe Escobar just returned from a reporting trip to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the pro-Russian enclave in the Donetsk Oblast province of eastern Ukraine. The area’s been the scene of heavy fighting between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian military. Escobar traveled to Donetsk at the invitation of  Europa Objektiv, a German-based […]

All Quiet in Kuala Lumpur: Russia–ASEAN Talks

Viktor Sumsky Doctor of History, Director of the MGIMO ASEAN Centre, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs The annual conference of ASEAN foreign ministers is much more than just a meeting of the foreign policy chiefs of ten Southeast Asian countries. The event traditionally kicks off official dialogue between colleagues who speak on behalf of the […]

Missile Defense: Why America Has Almost No Protection From The Greatest Threat It Faces, And What To Do About It

Loren B. Thompson, Ph.D Click here to download the full study as PDF. Findings in Brief Nuclear war is the only foreseeable threat to America’s survival in this century, and Russia is the most plausible nation from which a large-scale nuclear attack might originate. Other countries lack the means and/or the motivation to mount such […]

Renegade US Spy Who Warned Russia Of War Put In Mental Hospital By Obama

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is reporting today that a “renegade” American spy who approached a Federation Embassy official in Washington D.C. last week and provided documentation she claimed “proved” the United States was intending to start a massive global war has been placed incommunicado […]

Why Is China Parading Missiles on TV?

Even by the standards of military parades, Chinese leaders needed something big. They had chosen a name for a national celebration, on Thursday, that necessitated an extravaganza: “The Commemoration of the Seventieth Anniversary of Victory of the Chinese People’s Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and World Anti-Fascist War.” Beijing quantified the arrangements precisely: twelve thousand troops; five hundred […]

Outright lies from the New York Times: What you need to know about the dangerous new phase in the Ukraine crisis

While establishment media toe Washington’s line, violence and instability have shaken the Ukraine this week PATRICK L. SMITH The slightly fetid “phony war” in Ukraine—the unsettling stagnation noted in this space a month ago—is emphatically over. Suddenly there is movement on several fronts, and some of it is promising. But this is a dangerous moment, […]

US/NATO Embrace Psy-ops and Info-War

Exclusive: The U.S. government and NATO have entered the Brave New World of “strategic communications,” merging psy-ops, propaganda and P.R. in order to manage the perceptions of Americans and the world’s public, reports veteran war correspondent Don North. By Don North As reflected in a recent NATO conference in Latvia and in the Pentagon’s new “Law […]

Putin won his war in Ukraine

By Marvin Kalb September 7 Marvin Kalb is senior adviser at the Pulitzer Center and a fellow at the Brookings Institution. His book “Imperial Gamble: Putin, Ukraine and the New Cold War” will be published this month. The war in Ukraine has slipped off the front pages. Eighteen months ago, when Russian President Vladimir Putin seized Crimea […]