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Australia Lashes Russia Over Aid

Daniel Flitton AUSTRALIAhas delivered a broadside toRussiaover ”cheque-book diplomacy” in the South Pacific, accusingMoscowof using foreign aid to buy support for puppet states on the other side of the world. Australiahas lodged a formal complaint with the superpower over a push to have tiny Pacific island countries accept the independence of the disputed territories South […]

Barack Obama to Deploy 2,500 Marines in Australia as He Says ‘We Do Not Fear China’

Barack Obama has unveiled plans to deploy 2500 Marines in northernAustraliabut insisted the move was not prompted by fear ofChina. By Jonathan Pearlman inCanberra During his first Presidential visit to Australia, Mr Obama and Julia Gillard announced an expanded military agreement under which theUS will station Marines inDarwin from next year. The deployment will expand […]

Australia Could be Caught in Sino-US Crossfire

US President Barack Obama arrived in Australiatoday for a long-delayed visit. It is reported that Obama is going to announce an expanded USmilitary presence in Australia. The move is widely seen as a renewal of the US-Australia alliance to keep Chinain check. It is also interpreted as a choice made by Australia between the US […]

Thousands Protest Against Putin Result

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dismissed US criticism about alleged fraud in the parliamentary elections. Close Advertisement Russian Communist Party supporters gather together to protest against official results of the parliaments elections in Manezh Square near the Kremlin in Moscow. Source: AP AROUND 8000 people protested in Moscow and Saint Petersburg against what they say were rigged parliamentary polls […]