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Outright lies from the New York Times: What you need to know about the dangerous new phase in the Ukraine crisis


While establishment media toe Washington’s line, violence and instability have shaken the Ukraine this week PATRICK L. SMITH The slightly fetid “phony war” in Ukraine—the unsettling stagnation noted in this space a month ago—is emphatically over. Suddenly there is movement on several fronts, and some of it is promising. But this is a dangerous moment, […]

US/NATO Embrace Psy-ops and Info-War


Exclusive: The U.S. government and NATO have entered the Brave New World of “strategic communications,” merging psy-ops, propaganda and P.R. in order to manage the perceptions of Americans and the world’s public, reports veteran war correspondent Don North. By Don North As reflected in a recent NATO conference in Latvia and in the Pentagon’s new “Law […]

Putin won his war in Ukraine


By Marvin Kalb September 7 Marvin Kalb is senior adviser at the Pulitzer Center and a fellow at the Brookings Institution. His book “Imperial Gamble: Putin, Ukraine and the New Cold War” will be published this month. The war in Ukraine has slipped off the front pages. Eighteen months ago, when Russian President Vladimir Putin seized Crimea […]

Spurred by Western criticism, Russians experience something new: patriotism


In the past, Russia was an empire, then a communist colossus, then a ‘defeated’ power expected to adopt Western ways. But current tensions with the West are fostering what may be the birth of a distinct Russian nationalism. Moscow — The snapping point came for Pavel Melikhov, he says, when he heard President Obama compare […]

IS, Russia, China: all fascist states


Peter Hartcher Julia Gillard began her last year as prime minister with a statement on national security declaring that “Australia enters a new era of national security imperatives”. Pronouncing the end of the 9/11 decade, she looked to the future: “It will be an era in which the behaviour of states, not non-state actors, will […]

Arctic Council the wrong place for a ‘tough message’ to Russia


Lloyd Axworthy Lloyd Axworthy was minister of foreign affairs from 1996 to 2000, when the Arctic Council was established. Canada will send a “tough message” to Russia about its “aggression against Ukraine” at the Arctic Council, which meets beginning Friday in Iqaluit. So said Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment and Chair of the Council, […]

Weaponizing Information


by JOYCE NELSON Cranking Up The Rhetoric In mid-April, hundreds of U.S. paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade arrived in western Ukraine to provide training for government troops. The UK had already started its troop-training mission there, sending 75 troops to Kiev in March. [1] On April 14, the Canadian government announced that Canada will […]

Vladimir Putin’s ‘misinformation’ offensive prompts US to deploy its cold war propaganda tools


Pressure grows from Congress to counter slick Russian media that erodes support for Nato Chris McGreal Russia’s sprawling propaganda network may have failed to persuade much of the world that Ukraine is run by Nazis, that Crimea was annexed in a popular uprising and/or that Germany is a failed state. But the barrage of misinformation […]

Crimean “misfire” of USA


We all remember the events in the Crimea, which followed the coup Maidan in Kiev. Through the lies and misinformation Western media made the way the truth about the coup in the Ukrainian capital by US intelligence agencies, which clearly benefited from the fact that our appropriate structures were fully engaged in the security of […]

China and Russia vs. the United States?

Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin

Just how likely are China and Russia to ally against the U.S.? By Huiyun Feng The rising tensions between Russia and the West, especially the United States, over Ukraine provide a constant reminder of the Cold War, when the two superpowers fought proxy conflicts for spheres of influence. A key question in the current game of […]