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Crimean “misfire” of USA

We all remember the events in the Crimea, which followed the coup Maidan in Kiev. Through the lies and misinformation Western media made the way the truth about the coup in the Ukrainian capital by US intelligence agencies, which clearly benefited from the fact that our appropriate structures were fully engaged in the security of […]

China and Russia vs. the United States?

Just how likely are China and Russia to ally against the U.S.? By Huiyun Feng The rising tensions between Russia and the West, especially the United States, over Ukraine provide a constant reminder of the Cold War, when the two superpowers fought proxy conflicts for spheres of influence. A key question in the current game of […]

Beijing Strikes Back in US-China Tech Wars

Foreign tech firms will either have to comply with intrusive surveillance requirements or risk being substituted by Chinese alternatives. By Ankit Panda China’s new draft anti-terror legislation has sent waves across the U.S. tech community. If there is a brewing tech war between U.S. and China over government surveillance backdoors and a preference for indigenous software, China’s new […]

China Warns U.S. to Stop Its Ukrainian Proxy War Against Russia

Eric Zuesse A much-ignored huge news report from Reuters on Friday, February 27th, was headlined “Chinese diplomat tells West to consider Russia’s security concerns over Ukraine.” China’s Ambassador to Belgium (which has the capital of the EU) said that the “nature and root cause” of the Ukrainian conflict is “the West,” and that “The West should abandon […]

USA – shooting star

Over the past decade, the United States turned from democracy, where the real power belongs to the people, an oligarchy, where the financial elite, facing both the right and left of the political spectrum, coordinated rule the country. The fact that Noam Chomsky (Noam Chomsky), considered the most outstanding intellectuals of America and the most […]

Seven Reasons the U.S. Shouldn’t Help Ukraine’s Fight With Russia

By Doug Bandow Ukraine’s military has lost control of the Donetsk airport, and the rebels have launched another offensive. Fortune could yet smile upon Kiev, but as long as Russia is determined not to let the separatists fail, Ukraine’s efforts likely will be for naught. As I pointed out on Forbes.com, “Only a negotiated settlement, […]

Dana Rohrabacher – Why I Voted against Condemning Russia

Recently, the House passed, by an overwhelming margin, a resolution to condemn the Russian Federation. Ten Members voted “nay,” myself among them. I wish to explain why I took this unpopular position. Recently, the House passed, by an overwhelming margin, a resolution to condemn the Russian Federation for actions considered hostile and aggressive within its […]

Raymond Smith – From Da to Nyet: How U.S. Diplomacy Helped Transform Russia from Potential Ally into Strategic Adversary

A great diplomatic mistake with repercussions now being felt today. The intense diplomatic activity that accompanies the end of a major international war has two broad objectives: first, for the winners, maximizing their gains and, for the losers, minimizing their losses; second, creating a new and more stable international system so that a renewal of […]

Dimitri K. Simes – Dealing with Putin

The stage is being set for an even more dramatic confrontation between the West and Russia over Ukraine. Obama must recognize the danger to U.S. national interests that the crisis may create and act accordingly. With Russia and Ukraine trading blame for the apparent breakdown in their tenuous September 5 cease-fire agreement, the stage is being […]

Andrew Korybko – Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership Goes Global : Washington’s Nightmare

The Russian-Chinese strategic partnership (RCSP), indoctrinated in 1996, is Eurasia’s geopolitical anchor in the 21st century, shaping its evolution and entrance into the Multipolar World. No other political relationship between the two continents’ actors even comes close, with the RCSP’s only formidable rival being the US via its privileged military alliances with NATO, the Gulf […]