Материалы: January, 2020

Rachael Falk – Can the ‘core’ and ‘edge’ of a 5G network really be separated?


The Australian government’s decision to ban ‘high-risk vendors’ from its 5G network build caused ripples not just through the Five Eyes community but in major markets where those high-risk vendors already have key customers. One such customer is Germany. During a delegation to Germany that I joined in June 2019, it became apparent that the […]

Ksenia Samoilenko – The problem of the Northern Islands in the reflection of the Japanese media


The mentality of Russians and Japanese has many things in common – intense inner feelings, a tendency to sometimes hidden increased emotionality and reflection, the desire to let life’s vicissitudes through psychological filters, “soft passion”, no matter how unusual such an oxymoron might look like. But why does mistrust of the Russians dominate the Japanese […]