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Ulson Gunnar. The COVID-19 Chronicles: ASEAN

The ten Southeast Asian states of ASEAN with a collective population of 622 million people has weathered the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) relatively well. A combination of quick reactions, a hesitation to overreact and strong preexisting economic fundamentals, the region looks well on its way to returning to normal, that is, if it is able […]

Rachael Falk – Can the ‘core’ and ‘edge’ of a 5G network really be separated?

The Australian government’s decision to ban ‘high-risk vendors’ from its 5G network build caused ripples not just through the Five Eyes community but in major markets where those high-risk vendors already have key customers. One such customer is Germany. During a delegation to Germany that I joined in June 2019, it became apparent that the […]

Raissa Robles – Putin accepts Duterte invite, just before Manila-Beijing South China Sea oil talks. Coincidence?

The president is set to become the first Russian leader to make a state visit to the Philippines for more than 40 years, according to a former envoy Moscow is aware of China’s entry into the Philippines, and could have its eye on some projects there, while the US is also watching developments The timing […]

Russian-Vietnamese Relations: Position and Prospects

Dmitry Mosyakov  Today Russian-Vietnamese relations are developing in a complex political environment both for Russia and for the Asia-Pacific region. However, for Moscow, against the background of sanctions imposed by the West, the eastern direction of its policy has become a vital alternative. The task is extremely important – to create concrete substance to the […]

Ongoing Russo-Vietnamese Military Cooperation Ensures Regional Stability

Dmitry Bokarev ht t’s a well-established fact that when two states are determined engage in defense and security cooperation in a bilateral format, they must enjoy sound relations before even thinking about such an undertaking. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) is traditionally one of the oldest and most reliable partners of the Russian Federation, […]

Andrew KORYBKO – ASEAN’s SEZs Can Help Actualize Russia’s Asian Sea Arc

By Andrew KORYBKO (USA) Russia is in the midst of a transformational geo-economic pivot, whereby its previous Western-prioritized economic relations are rapidly moving towards Asia. As part of this historic shift, Russia seeks to spearhead three North-South vectors of trade, with the subject of this article being the one directed towards ASEAN. The Asian Sea […]

Too Old to Die Young (The 12th National Congress of Vietnam Communist Party)

Carlyle A. Thayer Emeritus Professor, The University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra The Vietnam Communist Party (VCP) held its 12th National Congress in Hanoi from 20-28 January. The foreign news media devoted the lion’s share of attention on the contestation for the post of VCP Secretary General between incumbent […]

Ways an Asian War Could Erupt

Alex Ward   At times of global instability, the places where things remain calm stand out. That is the case with northeast Asia, the area primarily comprised of China, Japan, parts of Russia and the two Koreas. Due to the generosity of the Korean Economic Institute and Korea Foundation, I had the chance recently to […]

Vietnam and Great Power Rivalries

It all began with apparently innocuous activity reported in both the Russian and Vietnamese press citing the Russian Defense Ministry on January 4. According to the reports, Russian Air Force Il-78 Midas tanker planes were granted access last year to Vietnam’s aerodrome facilities in Cam Ranh Bay, located in the southern Vietnamese province of Khanh […]

What Obama’s second term means for Asia – East Asia Forum

East Asia Forum – http://www.eastasiaforum.org – What Obama’s second term means for Asia Posted By Amitav Acharya On 11 November 2012 In International Relations,Politics,United States | 1 Comment Author: Amitav Acharya, AU Although Asian stock markets are buoyed and governments relieved by Barack Obama’s re-election as the 44th President of the United States, major uncertainties […]